PaymentWorks Resources for RIT Departmental Users

PaymentWorks Login and Videos

Login to PaymentWorks using your RIT credentials here.

Training Videos from PaymentWorks

  • Initiator (and other) Training Videos from PaymentWorks are located here.
  • Recording of Internal PaymentWorks Training, April 5, 2023 located here

PaymentWorks Initiator Quick Start Guide

What is PaymentWorks?

RIT has partnered with PaymentWorks to streamline its payment processes with suppliers. The platform provides numerous benefits including optimization of business payment workflows and standardization of supplier onboarding practices.

Potential suppliers are sent an invitation from RIT staff members who are assigned the Initiator role. Once the supplier creates a PaymentWorks profile and completes the registration process, they are onboarded and connected to RIT’s ERP system.

Initiator Role and Access

By default, RIT users are assigned the Initiator role in the PaymentWorks application. Staff members with this level of access can perform the following actions in the system:

  • Send an invitation to a potential supplier
  • Cancel or resend an invitation
  • Send and process reimbursement requests
  • Lookup supplier information and run reports

These workflows are outlined in the following sections.

Onboarding New Suppliers and Vendors

Before suppliers can be paid by RIT, they must first register through PaymentWorks and create a profile. PaymentWorks refers to this process as Onboarding.

The onboarding process requires staff with the Initiator role to send an invitation to the potential supplier. Once the supplier receives the invitation, they will be able to create a PaymentWorks profile and complete a New Vendor Registration (or NVR).

Sending an Invitation

  1. From the Home screen, select Vendor Master Updates
  2. Navigate to the New Vendors tab
  3. Change the display setting on this page to “Onboarding Tracker” if applicable
  4. Click the Send Invitation button
  5. In the new invitation window, enter the appropriate information into the fields
  6. Click the Send button to save this invitation in the system (performing this action does not send the invitation to the vendor)

payment works instructions from above numbers 1-4

Canceling or Resending an Invitation

Invitations sent to a supplier can be canceled as long as they haven’t set up their initial PaymentWorks profile. Once the profile is created, the invitation can no longer be canceled.

There may be cases when a supplier loses or deletes their invitation by mistake. It can be re-sent to them by following the same steps outlined below.

  1. From the Home screen, select Vendor Master Updates
  2. Navigate to the New Vendors tab
  3. Change the display setting on this page to “Onboarding Tracker” if applicable
  4. Expand the vendor record by clicking on the progress hyperlink
  5. Click the “Invitation Detail” heading to view specific information about the invitation
  6. Click any button at the bottom of the record to perform the corresponding action

payment work webpage showing approval process as described in sections 1-6

Reporting with PaymentWorks

Filtering and Exporting Data

Downloading data from PaymentWorks is a quick and easy process. Most tabs within the system contain a sidebar of filters (located on the left side of the screen). These filters change what records are displayed in real-time.

  • Many filter sidebars contain help icons that provide useful information, tips, and even instructional videos.
  • The number of results displayed on the screen is always identified at the top of the sidebar.
  • Keywords, drop-down fields, and checkboxes provide flexibility when searching for different records.
  • To reset the filters and show all records on the tab, click the “Clear Filters” button at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Clicking the “CSV” button will download a report of all the currently displayed records on the screen.

payment works vendor status picturecsv tip to download and filter resets

PaymentWorks Resources and Support

There may be instances when the PaymentWorks system or a certain workflow is not behaving as expected. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your issue:

  1. Verify with other colleagues that the system is producing unexpected results
  2. Click the Help button at the top of the toolbar to access the Help Center
  3. Try and search for your issue in the Help Center by typing in one or more keywords
  4. You can also click through the different topics and categories to find a solution
  5. If there isn’t any documentation that solves your issue, click the Contact Support button from the main page
  6. You’ll be prompted to submit a support ticket; complete all necessary fields (and attach a screenshot if able) before submitting the request to PaymentWorks
  7. Support staff at PaymentWorks will reach out to you with a response.
    1. More information on the PaymentWorks support/ticketing process can be found by clicking this hyperlink.

paymentworks help button

paymentworks website photo showing the steps above

CTO Communication on PaymentWorks Partnership, March 30, 2023

RIT Partners with PaymentWorks to Provide a Secure Portal for Supplier Onboarding

We are excited to announce that RIT has partnered with PaymentWorks to provide an easy-to-use and secure web portal that businesses and individuals will use to complete the supplier onboarding process. Departmental users will log-into the PaymentWorks system using their RIT credentials with the following link and send invitations to prospective suppliers. The supplier will use the PaymentWorks portal, free of cost, to provide banking and other identity information to create their account. Once PaymentWorks verifies the information, the departmental users and supplier will be notified that the set up process has been completed.

There are minimal requirements to initiate this process and once completed this free service will allow suppliers to:

  • View the status of invoices
  • Access remittance details
  • Maintain supplier master information
  • Avoid delays in payment due to incorrect check remit address or other critical data
  • Turn on ACH Payments by providing banking information in a secure environment

Why are we making this change?

RIT has partnered with PaymentWorks, as many other organizations and higher education institutions have done, to assist the university in validating information provided by suppliers and automate certain steps such as checking various state and federal sanction and debarred lists. This solution also allows suppliers to provide sensitive information in a secure format and eliminates the need for departments to complete paper forms and manually gather, circulate and store supplier information.

What is changing and when is this change happening?

Today, departmental users complete paper forms, gather information from the prospective suppliers and attach those documents to a ticket in the RIT Service Center (RSC) with a request to create a supplier record. Effective Monday, April 3rd all new suppliers will be on boarded using PaymentWorks. Departmental users can log into PaymentWorks using their RIT credentials with the following link .

In addition, we have streamlined the existing Pre Approval Process to Engage Independent Contractors. This process will now be referred to as the Worker Classification Process and new suppliers will provide the data and respond to the necessary questions through PaymentWorks. This eliminates the need for departmental administrators to complete the form and submit the request to the RSC via a ticket.

What is not changing?

  • Procurement Policies and Procedures: You should familiarize yourself with the University Procurement Policy and ensure that you engage the Procurement Services Office prior to purchasing goods or services. There are two online offerings that provide an overview of the University’s purchasing policies and procedures, they are available through the University’s Talent Roadmap platform.
  • Submitting invoices: Invoices should be forwarded to and reference a purchase order number, if applicable.

Helpful Resources for the Transition to PaymentWorks

  • The Controller’s Office website has resources for suppliers and departmental users located here
  • There will be 2 information sessions available to the RIT community:
  • The RIT Service Center (RSC) can help. If you are unable to locate the answer through knowledge articles or have further questions, please submit a ticket and someone will contact you to assist.

This is a great step forward to enhance the University’s relationship with our valued suppliers who provide essential goods and services to our community and a change to streamline manual processes to assist our departmental users in their important work. Thank you – and we look forward to seeing you at the information sessions next week and to answering your questions

FAQ about PaymentWorks and Supplier Onboarding

PaymentWorks is the University’s new cloudbased vendor onboarding solution. It will replace the current vendor creation and change processes. Departmental users will log in to the system and send invites to vendors. The vendors will then work with PaymentWorks to create their account. Once everything is verified, the departmental users will be notified that a vendor account has been created; this final notification will include the vendor's RIT Oracle Supplier Number (which PaymentWorks refers to as the vendor number).

PaymentWorks will assist the University in validating information provided by vendors and it will automate certain steps such as checking various sanction and debarred lists. It also allows vendors to provide sensitive information in a secure format and eliminates the need for departments to gather this information. This new process also eliminates several forms that departments were completing to establish a vendor. The vendors now provide this information electronically to PaymentWorks.

Department users will now rely on the PaymentWorks invitation process to request new vendors rather than gathering various forms from the vendors and submitting these through the RSC. After sending the invitation, they will be able to monitor the status of the onboarding process in the PaymentWorks portal.

Yes, we are currently onboarding existing suppliers. This has helped validate the process and workflow and provided us ways to streamline the process.

PaymentWorks will completely replace the current paper-based system. Any supplier or payee for whom a University supplier number is required must go through the automated onboarding process.

You will continue to use Oracle to determine if a supplier is already in our database. You will need to have the Ap Inquiry responsibility. Please see this Knowledge Base Article for further details on searching Oracle for existing suppliers.

Any foreign vendor or individual will also register through PaymentWorks. There are customized fields for each country and address format.

Onboarding time depends on several factors, foremost being the vendor’s completion of the registration process. That said, the onboarding process should not be longer than that for the current manual process and in most instances, will be shorter. Onboarding delays may occur if a vendor is found to have sanctions against them or other validation obstacles.

All vendor changes will be entered into Payment Works directly by the supplier. Departments will need to email suppliers to let them know to update their profile in Payment Works. If they do not have a profile, the department will need to initiate an invitation in Payment Works to the vendor.

No the onboarding process requires an email invitation to the vendor, and using that email, the vendor completes and attests to their own information. The company or individual being onboarded must certify their login/password, tax ID information, and bank/payment method.

There will be an exception review process initiated throught the submission of a request through the RSC. Exceptions requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Controller's Office.

No, there is no cost to the vendor to use PaymentWorks.

No, PaymentWorks is also for existing vendors. You can invite an existing vendor that has not previously been onboarded in PaymentWorks at RIT if they need to make a change to their current information or need reactivation. Examples of changes – new insurance certificates, update remittance address or update banking.

Yes, the vendor can start their registration, save their progress and then exit. The vendor registration however, is not complete until all information is provided.

Since this information is used for taxation purposes, the vendor should select United States.

Vendors are responsible for updating their own information within PaymentWorks which in turn will then update Oracle.

Try closing your browser/clearing your browser cache.

We have replaced the “Pre-Approval to Engage Form” with the “Worker Classification Form.”  This form will be available to suppliers when needed based on their business classification on the NVR.  You no longer need to complete the Pre-Approval to Engage.  However, the Independent Contractor Contract is STILL required prior to engaging with your supplier.  The fully executed contract will continue to be required to be attached to your requisition before sending for approval.

  • Please be sure to explain to supplier via your invite message that PW is strictly for providing secure payments.  Our process for invoicing and purchase orders has not changed.  Invoices will still be going to our AP Department @ and PO’s will still be coming from our buyers.
  • Please be sure when you are onboarding for a reimbursement to select “Stipend” and then type in the reason “Reimbursement or Refund”