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Managed Print Services

Dr. Destler's June 18 announcement

MPS Key Contact announcement


Managed Print Services, also known as MPS, is an initiative to centralize and optimize the management of printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines with one supplier that specializes in document management.


Benefits of the project will include:

  • A proactive model, monitoring all networked devices and identifying issues and addressing them utilizing:
    • Dedicated Help Desk support
    • On-site support
    • Automated supply replenishment
    • A dedicated Account Operations Manager overseeing the delivery of these Services
  • Improved quality of services
  • Newer and more efficient technology
  • An environmentally friendly solution that reduces paper and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste
  • Reduced print output costs



To: Key Device Contacts (KDC)

Subject: Change to the Xerox invoice process

This communication is to inform you that effective with the May 2021 billing cycle, PSO will no longer require a purchase order (PO) to apply the monthly Xerox charges to your departmental account code. Starting May 21st, PSO will begin cancelling all open Xerox PO’s, at which time you may receive an Oracle notice of this action. Any outstanding encumbrance for your Xerox POs will be removed from your account statement.  However, please note that each department’s original lease obligation remains unchanged. 

No action is required by you or your department. All Xerox expenses will continue to appear on your departmental financial statements as they always have.

At this time, PSO is unable to distribute itemized invoices for each individual printer. If you have questions about your printer charges, please reach out to PSO, who can provide detailed information on request. Another option to review your monthly usage reports is to configure Paper Cut for your department which will allow you to receive monthly reports on print usage. To setup Papercut for your department, please see the following Knowledge Article:

If you need to request a change to the distribution account being used for your printer, please reach out to PSO, who will coordinate this request with AP. Please feel free to contact Jennifer Fichtner with questions.



Jennifer Fichtner
MPS Manager


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