2021 Symposium

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6th Annual Frameless XR Symposium

November 18-19, 2021

The Frameless XR Symposium is an interdisciplinary gathering that combines technology-focused approaches with humanities-inspired theoretical inquiry, empirical research and artistic creation in AR/VR/MR. Following the symposium, proceedings will be published online through the open-access peer-reviewed journal Frameless.

Registration is free on Eventbrite, find link HERE.      Register early: First 20 people receive a google cardboard with their free drink ticket at the Friday demo session.

Safety requirements for all visitors to RIT campus

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (USA).


Interpreters can be requested at myaccess.rit.edu.

Thursday, November 18th

All sessions will be in person at the RIT MAGIC Center and remotely via zoom. Snacks available during the event in the Demo Lounge, MSS 2170

9 a.m. Introduction to Instagram’s Spark AR
  Tim Stringer and Emily Haldeman, Optic Sky
Location: Animation Lab, MSS-2010
9 a.m. Shaping Reality: A Facebook Reality Labs Panel Discussion
  • Welcome from Frameless Labs Director Susan Lakin
  • Introduction by Dean Doreen Edwards
  • Keynote: Introducing broad interdisciplinary research at Facebook Reality Labs, this panel discussion aims to address the evolving landscape of XR and its future. Engage with experts in areas such as optics, audio, computer perception, and content creation to learn how their work is building connections within XR.
  • Directors will present remotely.
  • In person audience location: Color Correction Suite, MSS-2160

    Chris Barbour
    Director, AR Business Development & Partnerships

    Thomas Lunner
    Research Lead, Superhuman Hearing at Facebook

    Yaser Sheikh
    Director of Facebook Reality Labs, Pittsburgh

    Barry Silverstein
    Director of Optics & Display Research at Facebook Reality Labs
11:30 a.m. Meet up in student designed Mozilla Hubs room
  Link to the Mozilla Hubs room will be sent via email by Eventbrite. Audience members at MAGIC can engage with a headset at MAGIC. Location: Animation Lab, MSS-2010
12:30 a.m. Break
  Break time for participants between between morning and afternoon sessions

Moderator: Professor Elousie Oyzon

Location: Color Correction Suite, MSS-20160

1 p.m. Point and Listen: Bringing a 3D Map to Life with Audio-Based AR
  James Coughlan – Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Brandon Biggs - Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Huiying Shen - Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
1:20 p.m. VR Sound Mapping: Make Sound Accessible for DHH People in Virtual Reality Environments
  Ziming Li – Rochester Institute of Technology
Roshan Peiris – Rochester Institute of Technology
1:40 p.m. Exploring the Psychological Consequences of Distances in VR
  Gary Jacobs – Rochester Institute of Technology
12 p.m. Liza Savage-Katz

Join our Frameless Labs resident yoga instructor Liza for a mindful break!  Location: Color Correction Suite, MSS-2160. No mat or experience required!

Moderator: Professor Roshan Peiris

Location: Color Correction Suite, MSS-2160

3 p.m. How Bright Should It Be: Diffuse White in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality
  Lili Zhang – Rochester Institute of Technology
Mike Murdoch - Rochester Institute of Technology
3:20 p.m. Real-Time Illumination Capture and Rendering on Mobile Devices
  Snehal Padhye - Rochester Institute of Technology
James Ferwerda - Rochester Institute of Technology
3:40 p.m. A Real-Time Gaze Estimation Framework for Mobile Devices
  Yu Feng – University of Rochester
Nathan Goulding-Hotta - Facebook Reality Labs
Asif Khan – Facebook Reality Labs
Hans Reyserhove – Facebook Reality Labs
Yuhao Zhu – University of Rochester

Moderator: Professor Yunbo Zhang

Location: Color Correction Suite, MSS-2160

4:30 p.m. Extended Reality in the Graphic Design Curriculum
  Tina Korani – San Jose State University
Meghan Saas – Louisiana State University
Samantha Tan – San Jose State University
4:50 p.m. The Studio X Karp Library Fellows: Peer-to Peer XR Learning & Engagement
  Ayiana Crabtree – University of Rochester
Muhammed El-Sayed – University of Rochester
Nefie Nesli Oruc– University of Rochester
5:10 p.m. A Review of XR Classrooms in Institutions of Higher Education
  Brandon Patterson – University of Utah
Tallie Cassucci – University of Utah

Friday, November 19th

Moderator: Professor Susan Lakin

9 a.m. RIT Research Flash Talks
  A sampling of XR faculty research at RIT. Location: Wegmans Theater, MSS-2180
10:30 a.m. JOVRNALISM at USC: Stories and Alumni
  • Welcome from Professor Tom Dooley
  • Introduction from Provost Ellen Granberg
  • Keynote: Robert Hernandez
  • Panelists will present remotely
  • In person audience location: Wegmans Theater, MSS-2180

    The award-winning, student-led publication based at the University of Southern California Annenberg, School for Communication and Journalism, has produced stories about climate change, intimate partner violence, homelessness, youth in foster care and much more. Graduates acquired skills that have led to careers in journalism and immersive technology.

    Learn how this hackathon-style course is delivered, funded and how they form partnerships with tech and media companies. The panel will share projects they produced and the technologies utilized, leading to successful careers for graduates of the program who will join in the panel discussion of XR in journalism.

    Giovanni Moujaes
    Emerging Platforms Video Producer at KTLA

    Kaitlyn Mullin
    Senior Immersive Producer at National Geographic

    Chaitanya Shah
    HMI Engineer at Skyryse

    Jordan Winters
    Associate Producer at NBC News
11:30 a.m. Meet up in student designed Mozilla Hubs room
  Link to Mozilla Hubs room will be sent via email by Eventbrite. In person audience can access the Mozilla Hubs room on a headset at MAGIC. Location: Animation Lab, MSS-2010.
12:30 a.m. Break
  Break time for participants between morning and afternoon sessions

Moderator: Professor Sungyoung Kim

Location: Wegmans Theater, MSS-2180

1 p.m. Cultural Preservation Using Game Architecture
  Atia Newman - Rochester Institute of Technology
1:20 p.m. Creating a Virtual reality Experience in Service to a Non-Profit Agency
  Frank Deese – Rochester Institute of Technology
Isabelle Anderson – Rochester Institute of Technology
Susan Lakin – Rochester Institute of Technology
1:40 p.m. Virtual Visits to Places of Pain: The Digital Kormantin Project
  Michael Jarvis – University of Rochester
2:15 p.m. Liza Savage-Katz
  Join our Frameless Labs resident yoga instructor Liza for a mindful break! Location: Wegmans Theater, MSS-2180. No mat or experience required!

Moderator: Senior Associate Dean, Richard Doolittle

Location: Wegmans Theater, MSS-2180

3 p.m. Protocol for an eHub as a Systemic Intervention for Homeless Shelter Staff and Resident Psychosocial and Behavioral Needs
  Celeste Sangiorgio - Rochester Institute of Technology
Cory Crane - Rochester Institute of Technology
Cassandra Berbary - Rochester Institute of Technology
Caroline Easton - Rochester Institute of Technology
3:20 p.m. Can We Walk in Our Patients’ Shoes? Immersive Virtual Reality as an Empathy Training Tool for Medical Students
  Riham Alieldin – University of Rochester
Raffaella Borasi- University of Rochester
Anne C. Nofziger – University of Rochester
Karen J. DeAngelis – University of Rochester
Sarah E. Peyre – University of Rochester
3:40 p.m. Embodying the Patient Experience: The Application of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Classroom
  Jenna Sadue – Nazareth College
Linda Riek – Nazareth College
4:30 p.m. Demo Session and Reception
  Demo line up coming soon.......   Location: Sound Stage, MSS-2020/2060

Student Contest

RIT students are invited to design a virtual room in Mozilla Hubs for the 6th Annual Frameless XR Symposium. Prizes will be presented to the winning rooms and will be showcased and utilized at the 2021 Symposium.

Isabelle Anderson

1st Place Winner

BFA New Media Design '22

Isabelle Anderson is a virtual reality artist, animator, and New Media Designer in the College of Art and Design. Her work focuses on empathy, education, and environmental issues. She utilizes Quill, Google Tilt Brush, and AnimVR to create her virtual reality environments. She’s created graphic virtual reality experiences for numerous non-profit organizations, including The Society for Protection and Care of Children and Music4Ethiopia.com, in order to generate awareness and funds. After graduation, she plans to pursue a degree in Human Interface Technology and work with organizations to build interactive experiences that educate the public about environmental issues.

A photo of the 1st place winner, Isabelle Anderson. She is smiling in a sunflower field at sunset.

Isabelle's room


Zachary Talis

2nd Place Winner

MS Human-Computer Interaction '23

Zachary Talis (they/them) is a graduate student, VR researcher, and ambient musician. They investigate the means by which folks reconstruct themselves in virtual space.

A photo of the 2nt place winner, Zachary Tails

Zack's room

Hubs Room Contest

Coming soon.

Code of Conduct

The Frameless Symposium organizers value the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences reflected within our community and are committed to providing a welcoming, productive, and safe environment for all participants of our events. This Code of Conduct is important for promoting diversity and creating an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment for all.

All event participants – including, but not limited to attendees, speakers, organizers, volunteers, exhibitors, personnel, members of the media, vendors, and service providers--are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Read the full code of conduct

Organizing Committee

Symposium Chair:
Susan Lakin

Mike Murdoch
Shauna Cross
Rich Doolittle
Roshan Peiris

Frameless Journal:
Riham Alieldin
David Halbstein

Meaghan Moody
Mari Jaye Blanchard
Trent Hergenrader
Missy Warp

Elizabeth Goins
Joe Geigel

University of Rochester liaisons:
Riham Alieldin
Narges Mohammadi
Meaghan Moody
Emily Sherwood 
Kristana Textor

Mozilla Hubs / Accessibility:
Wendy Dannels
Simar Khanna
Mark Reisch

RIT participants:
Liza Savage-Katz

Student workers:
Isabelle Anderson
Maxwell Bomb
Simar Khanna
Emma Yee

Special thanks:
Dr. Ryne Raffaelle, VP for Research/Assoc. Provost RIT
David Long, MAGIC Director 
Jenn Hinton, MAGIC Associate Director
Brenda Schlageter, MAGIC Building and Operations
Amanda Hughes, MAGIC Technology Manager
Mark Marcello, Senior Web Developer


Symposium Sponsors

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Symposium proceedings will be published online through the open-access peer-reviewed journal Frameless. This will include a symposium program, abstracts, and final (post peer-review) full papers.

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