Improving Human Subjects Research Office at RIT’s Website

Author: Chih-Jung Chen Project
Chair: John-Paul Takats - jxtadm
Committee: Bryan French - bdfvks
Submitted On: Jan 1, 2021
Web Development

All students and faculties at RIT who are planning to conduct research with human subjects need to seek approval from the Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO). HSRO’s website is the major source of all the information regarding the application and required forms. However, the current website presents some usability problems which might slow down the application process. When essential information could not be found, the staff of HSRO will have the responsibility to provide assistance to applicants. A new design for this website has the potential to speed up the application process and reduce staff’s workload. This project aims to improve how users receive information from the website by providing a clear visual hierarchy and enable users to access the website through different devices by applying responsive web design. The new design will be based on the results from usability testing and prototyping.