Department of Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in computing and information sciences is a research degree designed to produce independent scholars, cutting-edge researchers, and well-prepared educators. Faculty and students conduct both foundational and applied research to address diverse and important challenges, and our graduates are poised to excel within both computing and interdisciplinary environments in academia, government and industry.

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Department of Computer Science

The computer science program provides students with a broad and deep foundation in theory and modern software and hardware concepts as well as introduces students to numerous programming languages and paradigms. Students have an opportunity to engage in significant programming and software development work, learning to innovate as well as invent new technologies, and we also offer students opportunities to collaborate on both traditional and applied research. In addition to required computer science courses, students have an opportunity to take electives in areas such as architecture and operating systems, computer graphics and visualization, data management, distributed systems, intelligent systems, languages and tools, security, and theory.

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Department of Cybersecurity

The Department of Cybersecurity (CSEC) advances the state of the art in cybersecurity and provides students with the education they need to launch their careers as world-class cybersecurity professionals. CSEC students get hands-on training in how to protect computers, networks, and data, and they take that into the world through co-op opportunities with industry leaders and security competitions. Students also work alongside expert faculty to investigate protecting connected cars, defending wireless communications in the Internet of Things, improving online privacy, and many other ways to secure our world.

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Department of Software Engineering

The Department of Software Engineering’s mission is the development of professionals who can produce high-quality, cutting-edge, and cost-effective software systems. The department provides a forward-thinking approach in an inclusive environment that encourages students to become pioneers in the field by developing in-depth knowledge through hands-on design of innovative products. As real-world construction of complex software systems is done by engineering teams, our curriculum focuses on team-based activities with an emphasis on collaboration and the design process. Students receive mentorship to become world-class engineers and to conduct world-class research by closely collaborating with both faculty and industry.

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School of Information

In the modern world, technology has woven itself into the fabric of society, binding people and information closer together than ever before. While this new digital era brings with it exciting innovations, it also brings a host of new, unexplored problems. In the School of Information (iSchool), our focus is on utilizing technology to solve real world, human-centered problems. With a combination of diverse courses, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of knowledgeable and imaginative faculty, the iSchool gives students the tools they need to ensure a lifetime of success. We shape the future and improve the world through creativity and innovation.

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School of Interactive Games and Media

The School of Interactive Games and Media (IGM) comprises faculty from a variety of academic backgrounds with a shared interest in computing as it relates to interactive media, games, simulations, VR/AR, experimental interfaces, and media-centric systems of all varieties. IGM provides an educational environment that supports and encourages creative and collaborative academic inquiry by both faculty and students. IGM’s programs, coursework, research, and development efforts provide students with the knowledge and skills to pursue meaningful and rewarding careers in media-centric, interactive software development, while simultaneously advancing the field and helping to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

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