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The Ph.D. in computing and information sciences is a research degree designed to produce independent scholars, cutting-edge researchers, and well-prepared educators. Faculty and students conduct both foundational and applied research to address diverse and important challenges, and our graduates are poised to excel within both computing and interdisciplinary environments in academia, government and industry.


of full-time students are fully supported, with many having external fellowships from groups such as the National Science Foundation and Microsoft Research


job placement by graduation, as faculty members in universities around the world and in industry R&D positions


in the nation among all Ph.D. programs in computing (U.S. News and World Report)

Latest News

  • October 21, 2020

    illustration of six cubes all touching at least two sides to another cube.

    Ph.D. student uses computing to help solve 90-year-old math problem

    David Narváez, a computing and information sciences Ph.D. student, used his expertise in symmetry-breaking to help a cluster of computers solve a 90-year-old math problem called Keller’s conjecture in just 30 minutes. He also brought in techniques that make the proof verifiable, meaning that mathematical computer programs can confirm the answer is correct.

  • October 14, 2020

    reseacher posing in lab.

    RIT, URMC receive grant to study benefits of AI-enabled toilet seat technology

    Toilet seats with high-tech sensors might be the non-invasive technology of the future that could help reduce hospital return rates of individuals with heart disease. A joint project by researchers at RIT and the University of Rochester Medical Center will determine if in-home monitoring can successfully record vital signs and reduce risk and costly re-hospitalization rates for people with heart failure. The five-year, $2.9 million venture is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Research Areas

Our faculty and students conduct research to change how we live, work, and interact, focusing on both novel computing technology and how computing can support, facilitate, enable, and inspire progress in other domains.

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Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D.

A research degree designed to produce independent scholars, cutting-edge researchers, and well-prepared educators, you'll benefit from world-class faculty, diverse academic offerings, and modern facilities as you identify and research challenges within and beyond computing. 

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How to Apply

For those wishing to apply to the Ph.D. program, there is a four stage process:

  1. Applicants submit their materials via the RIT online application system, which has detailed instructions for doing so. There is no hard deadline for this, but applicants who submit their materials before January 1 will receive stronger attention.
  2. The admissions committee will independently assess all applicants, academic qualifications (background, grades, test scores, prior experiences, achievement, recommendations, interviews, motivations, faculty inputs, etc), the Ph.D. director will evaluate faculty requests for students based on the needs of the faculty and department. The committee will interview, by phone or video chat, all candidates for the second stage.
  3. From November through April, the Ph.D. director, admissions committee, and faculty will work together to find the best matches from those qualified applicants for further evaluation and admission consideration. Candidates may be asked to contact specific faculty to discuss potential advisor relationships, or faculty may call candidates.
  4. When the candidate, faculty advisor, Ph.D. director, and committee agree on a match, we make an offer.

To learn more about applying to the Ph.D. program or about the graduate program admissions process at RIT please visit the Office of Graduate Admissions.


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