Funded PhD Studentship

The following faculty are looking for new students with full financial support, starting Fall 2024. 

 Faculty Names  Research Areas  Specific Research
 Arthur Azevedo de Amorim         Theory                    Programming languages, program verification
 Billy Brumley  Security and Privacy  Implementation attacks, side-channel analysis
 Feng Cui  Artificial Intelligence  Machine learning, deep learning, computational biology
 Varsha Dani  Theory  Distributed algorithms, theory of computation
 Chris Homan  Artificial Intelligence  AI content moderation / alignment
 Yidan Hu  Security and Privacy  Security, data privacy
 Matt Huenerfauth  HCI and Accessibility  Accessibility, human-computer interaction
 Ashique KhudaBukhsh  Artificial Intelligence  Generative AI guardrails
 Ashique KhudaBukhsh /
 Naveen Sharma
 Artificial Intelligence  Urban data science, AI for Social Good
 Hidy Kong  HCI and Accessibility  Human-computer interaction, data visualization, assistive technology
 Nick LaLone    CSed for new learners, geospatial concerns, smart cities; science and technology studies
 Richard Lange  Artificial Intelligence  Intersection of AI, machine learning, and neuroscience
 Xumin Liu  Artificial Intelligence  Data efficient algorithms, computer vision, service computing
 Eva Navarro  Artificial Intelligence  Computational models, brain-inspired intelligence, hybrid-system models for collective intelligence, self-learning, adaptation
 Ivan De Oliveira Nunes  Security and Privacy  Cybersecurity
 Tom Oh  HCI and Accessibility  Virtual reality with AI and IoT
 Justin Pelletier  Security and Privacy  Cybersecurity competitions and training
 Roshan Peiris  HCI and Accessibility  Accessibility for blind and low vision users, virtual reality, and augmented reality
 Nidhi Rastogi  Artificial Intelligence  Computer vision, deep learning, graph analysis
 Carlos Rivero  Theory  Interpretability of AI,  knowledge graphs
 David Schwartz  HCI and Accessibility
 Security and Privacy
 GIS with games / interactive media
 Hwan Shim  Artificial Intelligence  Biomedical signal processing with audio stimuli
 Yiming Tang  Software Engineering  Software quality, empirical software engineering, software logging
 Ersin Uzun  Security and Privacy  Usable security, privacy enhancing technologies
 Linwei Wang  Artificial Intelligence  AI, continual time-series forecasting
 Matthew Wright  Security and Privacy  Deepfake detection
 Qian Xue  Artificial Intelligence  Computer modeling for biomechanics, machine-learning aided modeling
 Haibo Yang  Artificial Intelligence  Machine learning & theory
 Zhe Yu  Software Engineering  Trustworthy AI for software engineering
 Richard Zanibbi  Artificial Intelligence  Graphics and multi-modal extraction and retrieval