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Project Themes

Our project tracks align closely with KGCOE’s research themes: communications, energy, healthcare, transportation, and nano-science and microsystems, where sponsors have the opportunity to engage undergraduate students as well as faculty and graduate students in a range of activities.

Automated Systems and Controls

The Automated Systems and Controls track encompasses a broad range of projects that span across all of the engineering disciplines. Projects in this group are typically electromechanical systems that involve sensing, monitoring, and controlling a component or system.  These projects could include, for example, test fixtures, measurement systems, or control systems.  Examples of recent past projects in this area:

device to control a fluid meniscus for boiling studies

system to monitor impeller strain under typical environmental and mechanical operating conditions

Biomedical Systems and Assistive Technology

The Biomedical Systems and Assistive Technology track includes medical-related devices such as medical equipment, medical lab technology, or rehabilitation aids; as well as access technology and assistive devices, such as workplace accommodations, and aids for the activities of daily living. Some recent past projects in this area include:

a robotic eye for calibrating eye trackers

a wheel chair swing

a system to culture cells in moving fluid

Manufacturing and Material Processing

The Manufacturing and Material Processing track includes projects related processing materials, typically in a manufacturing environment.  These projects are most often industry sponsored and result in improvements to some portion of a manufacturing process.  A recent example is a system designed to automate the process of oiling and bagging fuel nozzle assemblies for Advanced Atomization Technologies/GE Aerospace

Sustainable Systems

Sustainable Systems projects are focused on the development of technology related to energy harvesting, sanitation, agriculture, housing, and access to clean water.  Many of these projects have a focus on technology for developing nations, but others are designed to meet local needs, and still others are related to faculty research and development in the field.  Some current examples of projects in this track are:

a toilet use sensor for pit latrines in Haiti

a base station for a wind energy collection system

a pulsed-corona system for water purification

Printing and Imaging Systems

RIT and Rochester have a unique history in the fields of imaging and printing technology, which provides many interesting opportunities for student projects.  Here are some recent projects:

systems for creating custom-printed personal protection headware

an autonomous sun tracking system to collect solar RF emission data

designing a historically accurate reconstruction of a wooden common press representing the period from 1640-1750

Process Innovation

Projects in our Process Innovation track typically involve industrial sponsors who seek to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of a particular element of their work environment. This may include changing aspects of a manufacturing line, changing a facility layout, creating a new workflow process, or creating a piece of hardware or software to enable a process improvement.  Some recent projects include:

a cheesecake depanning process for a national grocery chain

a lean inventory management system

the creation of a purchasing and inventory control system for our own capstone design teams

Vehicle and Transportation Systems

Projects in our Vehicle and Transportation track are related to the development of transportation technology:

on land

on water

in the air

outer space

Each year some of these projects come from our student competition teams: Formula SAE, Formula-Electric, SAE-Aero, SAE-Baja, and the Electric Vehicle Team (eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge).Still others are related to sponsored faculty research in vehicle systems.