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Jayanti Venkataraman

Jayanti Venkataraman
Professor, Graduate Director

Phone: 585-475-2143
Office: GLE/3091

Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman is the Director of the Electromagnetics Theory and Applications (ETA) Laboratory in the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Department at RIT. She received the B.S. and M.S. degrees (Physics) from Bangalore University, India and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering i from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. She joined the Electrical Engineering department at RIT in 1982.

At RIT, Dr. Venkataraman has developed the area of Electromagnetics for the Electrical Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs. She has established the Microwave and Antenna Lab with funding primarily from the National Science Foundation. She has developed and teaches the electromagnetics graduate course sequence that includes microwave circuits, antenna theory, advanced electromagnetic theory and, design and characterization of microwave systems. Her research interests are in theoretical modeling and measurement of microstrip antennas and integrated microwave circuits, composite right/left handed materials and applications, Numerical Optimization techniques, and Bio-electromagnetics. Dr. Venkataraman has also served as a consultant to some RF and biomedical companies in Rochester. She is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTTS) and the Antennas and Propagation Society (APS). She has served several times as the Chair and Vice chair for the Rochester chapter of MTTS/APS and as session chair and reviewer of the APS International Symposium.

Dr. Venkataraman is the 2001-02 recipient of the Eisenhart Award for Outstanding Teaching from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the 2007 IEEE Region 1 award for establishing a unique educational experience in the area of Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas.

For more about Dr. Venkataraman, see her website.

Selected Publications

·       Venkataraman J., Freer B., and Beam K., “Real Time Continuous Monitoring of Blood Glucose”, Proceedings EuroEM2012, Toulouse, France, July 2-6, 2012.

·       Kaur A., Banerjee S. A.,  Zhao W., Venkataraman J., and Lu Z., “Deep Subwavelength Power Concentration-Based HyperbolicMetamaterials” International Journal of Optics, Volume 2012, Article ID 879392

·       Pulito D., Venkataraman J., and Lu Z.,”Image formation properties of 3-D dielectric DNG and wire mesh ENZ metamaterials at Microwave frequencies”, Proceedings IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society International Symposium, Chicago, July 9-13, 2012.

·       Venkataraman J., Freer B., “Feasibility of Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring”, Invited paper, Proceedings IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society International Symposium, Spokane, WA, July 5-18, 2011   

·       Pecararo M., Venkataraman J, Tsouri G, and Dianat S. “Characterization of the Effects of the Human Head on Communication with Implanted Antennas” Proceedings IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society International Symposium, Toronto, Canada, July 11-15, 2010

·       Ali A. and Venkataraman J, “Gain Enhancement of Patch Antenna Using Double Negative Superstrate Realized by a High Dielectric with Triangular Lattice of Holes,” Proceedings IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society International Symposium, Charleston, SC, June 3-7, 2009.

·       Yvanoff M, Venkataraman J, “A feasibility Study of Tissue Characterization using LC sensors:” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications. Vol. 57, No 4, April 2009, pp 885-893.

·       Yvanoff M, Venkataraman J, and Fuller, L, “Impact of Multiple Tissue Layers on an Implantable LC Sensor” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 50, No.3, March 2008, p783


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