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RIT Museum

Old Politic Cartoon of Death marching with the sign "Revolt"

Epidemics, Economics, and Elections
May 20, 2020 to Sep 15, 2021
RIT Museum

This digital exhibition explores the editorial cartoons of John Scott Clubb (1875-1934) and Elmer Messner (1901-1979), whose work spans a century of change and still resonates today.

Cary Graphic Arts Collection

Poster for the IDEA Action exhibit. A human head with various parts of the head with various areas of color

Idea Action: The Sculptures of George Giusti
August 2023 through January 2024
Exhibit Information

A creative array of 3D mixed-media from the Cary Graphic Design Archives, highlighting the virtuosity of modernist designer, George Giusti (1908–1990).

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