Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities (DH) is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that intersects computing, design, and traditional humanistic research methods. DH scholarship combines research and technologies to develop projects that engage the public, navigate research data, encourage interaction, and inspire further academic inquiry. 

DH projects range from large-scale projects completed by scholars to those done by classrooms of undergraduates. Classroom applications of DH help students to develop scholarly skills for the digital world that can be applied within and beyond academia. 

Common applications of the DH field include:  

  • Electronic literature and digital publishing
  • Geospatial technology and geographic information systems (GIS) 
  • Critical analysis of digital culture 
  • Text analysis and text encoding
  • Digital exhibit building 
  • 3D design visualization 

Choosing Tools: 

The first step in all DH projects is understanding what you want to create. This will help you select a tool to use, find a team of people to work with, or learn skills to develop the project on your own. Set up a consultation with Rebekah Walker to explore tools or project options. 

View the Libraries’ Digital Humanities & Social Sciences InfoGuide for information on specific tools or for links to learning resources.

Instruction Support & Workshops: 

RIT Libraries offers instruction support and workshops in the digital humanities. We can help faculty members design digital assignments; students select a tool for a project; teach students a tool; or faculty, staff, or students learn a tool on their own.

Digital humanities workshops are hands-on opportunities to explore tools and practical applications of digital methods in an experimental environment.

Previous workshop topics include: 

To view upcoming workshop offerings, check the RIT event calendar, or contact Rebekah Walker. Workshops are open to all members of the RIT community.


Set up a one-on-one consultation with Rebekah Walker to discuss ideas or questions related to personal research or how you can incorporate digital humanities methods or tools into the classroom. Consultations are available to all members of the RIT community. 

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