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Limited Submissions Calendar

The table below (click "Read More" for the full table) lists limited submission funding opportunities of interest to the RIT community.  Additional opportunities will be added as they are released.  Instructions for internal proposals not listed here can be found on the Approval for Limited Submissions page.



RIT Deadline

Sponsor Due Date

Limit Summary (refer to the solicitation for additional information)

DOE Science Foundations for Energy Earthshots link to program



3 pre-applications per instiitution
2 of 3 available

DoEd International Research & Studies Program link to program



One proposal per institution from either track

0 of 1 available

NEH Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants link to program description



One proposal per institution

NSF Accelerating Research Translation (ART) 23-558 3/24/23 


(1/1 Filled) An eligible IHE can submit a maximum of one proposal as a lead organization per solicitation.
An IHE can serve on no more than two proposals as a subawardee per solicitation.

NEA Grants for Arts Projects link to program descripton  4/21/23

One proposal per calendar year. 

An additional submission may be considered under the Media Arts track. 

1 of 2 available

NSF ADVANCE 20-554  TBA Varied based on track  Eligible IHEs can submit one proposal to IT-Preliminary, Adaptation, OR Catalyst. IHEs may be partners on multiple ADVANCE Partnership proposals in the same competition but can be the lead organization only on one Partnership proposal in the same competition.
DOE Scientific Machine Learning for Complex Systems link (Closed) 3/1/23

Only four (4) pre-applications as a lead institution and no more than two (2) pre-applications per PI

Spots remaining: 3

DOE Destributed Resilient Systems link (Closed) 2/9/23 (preproposal)

Only two pre-proposals can be submitted to this program. 

FuzeHub Manufacturing Grants link (Closed)  2/15/23

Up to three applications, only one per center and/or department. 

Slots Taken: 
1. Packaging Science
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. AmPrint

NSF Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals Ecosystem (SCIPE) 23-521 1/23/23 (Closed) 2/23/23

Each organization is limited to a maximum of 1 proposals. 

To ensure relevance to community needs and to facilitate adoption, those proposals of interest to one or more domain divisions must include at least one PI/co-PI with expertise relevant to the targeted research discipline. All proposals shall include at least one PI/co-PI with expertise relevant to OAC

NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) Instrument Acquisition or Development 23-519 9/5/23

Each organization is  limited to a maximum two (2) Track 1 Proposals, one (1) Track 2 proposal, and one (1) Track 3 proposal.

DOE EERE Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization DE-FOA-0002804 (Closed) Concept Papers: 10/12/2022

An entity may only submit one Concept Paper and one Full Application for each topic area of this FOA.

Topic Areas:

1. Decarbonizing Chemicals
2. Decarbonizing Iron & Steel
3. Decarbonizing Food & Beverage Products
4. Decarbonizing Cement & Concrete
5. Decarbonizing Paper & Forest Products
6. Cross-Sector Decarbonization Technologies

NEH. Summer Stipends  link to program 6/30/2023 9/20/2023 Only two nominations from RIT
 NSF. Regional Innovation Engines  BAA 20220517  8/3/2022 (closed)  8/31/2022 (LOIs)  One proposal as the lead organization
NSF. Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) 23-527



The STEM disciplines supported by the S-STEM program and for which RIT is eligible to submit in FY 2023 include: Physical sciences (including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and materials science); Mathematical sciences; and Geosciences. 

1 of 2 spots remaining.

NSF. CyberCorps(R) Scholarship for Service (SFS)  21-580  5/20/2022 (closed)  7/15/2022
 Each performing organization is limited to one (1) proposal per annual SFS competition. 
NIH. Bridges to the Doctorate Research Training Program (T32)  PAR-21-198 TBD
 9/27/23  one per institution
DoEd. Upward Bound Math & Science Available 4/19/2023 TBD (closed) 6/3/2023  One per target area or school 
NSF. Research Traineeship (NRT)  21-536  5/6/2022 (closed)  9/6/2022
 An eligible organization may participate in two proposals per competition. Participation includes serving as a lead organization or non-lead organization on any proposal. Organizations participating solely as evaluators on projects are excluded from this limitation.
USDA. Equipment Grant Program TBA ~ April TBD (closed)


Two per institution
NSF.Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) 19-506 TBD (closed) 5/2/23
There is no limit on the number of PFI-TT (Technology Transition) proposals an organization may submit to a deadline of this solicitation. However, an organization may not submit more than one (1) new or resubmitted PFI-RP (Research Partnerships) proposal to a deadline of this solicitation.
 NYSCA   Support for Organizations  8/6/2021 @ noon (closed)  9/1/2021

One (1) per organization

 NSF.  INCLUDES  22-622

 Varies by type. See solicitation for details.

(Late October)

An organization may serve as a lead organization on only one proposal per project type

An individual may serve as a PI or Co-PI on only one NSF INCLUDES proposal per annual due date, not including conferences.

A PI or co-PI of an active NSF INCLUDES Alliance may not be a PI or co-PI on a proposal under this solicitation, if the Alliance would still be active at the start of the new award. This limit does not include conference proposals.

 NSF. Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) 22-526  TBD   1/21/2024  Only one proposal may be submitted by an eligible organization. There is no limit on the number of proposals under which an organization may be included as a non-lead collaborator or subawardee.