Sponsored Research Services subscribes to GrantForward’s comprehensive funding opportunities database, free for use by RIT faculty, staff, and students.

GrantForward is a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.

  • GrantForward covers over 15,000 sponsors worldwide, from federal, corporate to private funding organizations, which together provide 63,000+ funding opportunities in all disciplines and project types.
  • GrantForward’s powerful search system helps to lessen the hassle of searching for grants with adaptable search filters and specialized search features.
  • GrantForward researcher profiles allow researchers to highlight their research achievements and interests to receive personalized grant recommendations for grant opportunities that match their research needs.

Create Your GrantForward Account and Researcher Profile

Start moving your research forward and create an account to access GrantForward. In order to be able to take advantage of all of the features that GrantForward offers, you will have to create an account using your RIT email address.

If you would like to benefit from receiving grant recommendations, then you will also need to make sure to create your researcher profile.

GrantForward New User Guide Handout

This handout outlines the simple steps to get started on GrantForward, including how to create an account, begin searching for funding, save your searches for grant alerts, and receive automatic grant recommendations.

  View GrantForward New User Guide