Internal Funding Opportunities

AI Seed Fund

Eligible Participants: All Faculty

Summary: RIT aspires to be a living laboratory for AI research, development, and application. We are seeking proposals from faculty to advance the use of AI in research, teaching, learning, and everyday experiences. Proposal topics can range from the fundamental development of new AI tools and algorithms to the integration of AI in the classroom, to the application of AI and robotics in all aspects of campus life. We will provide resources for faculty to seed projects that hopefully will lead to bigger and better things and enrich our campus. To be funded under this program, faculty must clearly summarize what they plan to do over the next six months, described how students will be involved, state specifically what the deliverables and outcomes will be, and how the execution of this project will benefit RIT moving forward.

Award Terms: Awards will be made up to $5,000 for a plan of work of no more than six months.  

  • Due Date: November 1, 2023 
  • Cost Matching: Not required.

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Grant Writer's Boot Camp

Eligible Participants: By Invitation Only

Summary: The Grant Writers’ Boot Camp is comprised of one full day session and two half-day sessions focusing on preparing and submitting a proposal, talking to program officers, pitching your idea, and peer review.  The program covers the elements of a proposal and is designed around a $5K Seed Funding Request for proposal (RFP).  Participants will get an opportunity to: learn from an expert in external funding who will present on topics such as writing a winning proposal and talking to program officers; listen to experienced faculty who will share their strategies for obtaining external funding; contribute to a peer review exercise of proposals from other attendees. There will also be a competition around the concept of pitching your project and it will be judged by a panel of deans and research deans.  The winner of the pitch competition will receive an extra $500 in seed funding.

Award Terms: Awards of up to $5K will be made after the workshop.  Awards will support a plan of work to improve the investigator’s competitiveness for external funding and will be for one year. 

  • Due Date: TBD
  • Cost Matching: Not required.

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