Templates, Forms, & Agreements

RIT uses a number of standard templates, agreements, and contracts. Templates are available for RIT community members to assist in their proposal development. SRS administers the contracts and agreements related to sponsored projects. If you have any questions about which agreement to use or require specialized language, contact SRS.

These documents are frequently updated — always download the latest version from this page.

Please note that PDF forms must be edited in Adobe Acrobat to function properly. Forms may not work if opened in browsers or non-Adobe viewers. RIT-owned computers are eligible to have products from the Adobe Creative Cloud installed without extra charge. Learn more on the Software Licensing Overview webpage.

Proposal Submission and Related Forms

Award Management Forms

Sponsored Activity Agreements

  • Use this for projects in which new intellectual property will result from the research.
  • RIT uses a standard contract.  It provides for a company that wishes to license an invention or technology at the conclusion of the project to work with the Institute's Intellectual Property Management Office, which will negotiate licensing terms with the company. Faculty and program directors should not negotiate any of these terms or make any commitments for RIT.
  • Note that you will need to attach a scope of work (Appendix A) and budget (Appendix B). If you want help with these, contact us.

View Sponsored Research Agreement (Doc)

  • Use this for testing or other applied research projects.
  • Use this if there is NO chance that new discoveries or inventions will be made under the project.
  • Note you will need to attach a scope of work (Appendix A) and budget (Appendix B). If you want help with these, contact us.

View Research Services Agreement (Doc)

  • Use this fixed price agreement for projects where the sponsor is seeking IP ownership.
  • Use only for projects where it is possible to transfer IP ownership to the company.
  • The Intellectual Property Management Office must review each APA before final approval.
  • For these projects, an IP release fee of $5,000 or 10% of the total project cost (whichever is greater) will be added to the budget.
  • Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us if you wish to pursue this opportunity.

View Assigned Project Agreement (Doc)

  • Use this for training activities, whether they be one day/one time or cover an entire multiple year program.
  • The language covers courses taught at RIT. However, you can use this for off-site courses; contact us for language to use in that situation.

View Educational Agreement (Doc)

NDA and Other Agreements

  • The Vice President for Research is the only authorized signatory for non-disclosure agreements associated with sponsored projects
  • This form is required when a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement is necessary to facilitate discussion about a future project or proposal.
  • The form provides SRS with pertinent information needed to prepare and/or review an NDA.   
  • SRS will use the information to generate an NDA for submission to the other party for their review/signature.
  • When the unmodified RIT NDA template is used, it can generally be signed by RIT within 48 hours of receipt.  If negotiations are needed or a non-RIT NDA is submitted for review, comments and requested changes will generally be provided within one week, but final resolution and approval will take longer.  If a non-RIT NDA must be used, submit this completed form along with the other party’s NDA and contact information.
  • Email completed form to PostAward@rit.edu

View Nondisclosure Agreement Request Form (PDF)

  • This is the agreement to use if a sponsor, or both RIT and a sponsor want to disclose confidential information to each other to facilitate discussion about a future project or proposal. Sponsor provided NDA's do take longer to review and process. We recommend using the RIT NDA for a quicker turnaround.
  • Use the NDA Request Form to have an NDA prepared and sent to a potential sponsor prior the sharing of confidential information. Initial discussions with potential sponsors generally do not require the sharing of confidential information by either party. After you have a preliminary discussion and it has been determined that there is mutual interest by both parties to move forward with a developing a project or proposal, an NDA may be necessary.
  • If a sponsor has their own NDA, complete the NDA Request Form (above) and send to PostAward@rit.edu along with a copy of the sponsor NDA. Do not sign their agreement and do not allow them to give you confidential information before an NDA is fully executed by both parties.
  • The Vice President for Research is the only authorized signatory for non-disclosure agreements associated with sponsored projects.
  • Any individual who is disclosing or receiving confidential information must abide by the terms of the agreement(s). That means that units at RIT need to provide for confidentiality protection and unit leaders need to inform their staff and students about the importance of keeping confidential information secure. Procedures need to be in place whereby confidential information is stored and protected.
  • RIT Confidential and Sponsor Confidential Information located at RIT must be labeled and handled in accordance with the RIT Information Access and Protection Standard.

View RIT Bilateral Nondisclosure Agreement (Doc)

  • Use this if a company is loaning or consigning a piece of equipment to your unit.
  • If the company wants you to conduct research using the equipment and/or provide them with reports on its uses, call Sponsored Research Services for the language to be added to this agreement.

View Equipment Loan or Custody Agreement (Doc)

  • Complete the following form: MTA Request Form
  • An MTA is advised when the material is proprietary; maintained as a trade secret by the provider; or infectious, hazardous, or subject to special regulations; and is to be tested, studied, altered, or modified in such a way by the recipient that the provider and recipient of the material require the intellectual property rights to the modifications and derivatives of the material, as well as the usage terms and liabilities, to be defined by the parties before the transfer occurs.
  • If there are any questions about an MTA, or whether an MTA should be used, contact SRS promptly to discuss the fact of the particular situation.

View Materials Transfer Agreement (Doc)