Signature Authorities

For complete RIT signatory authority policy and procedures, please see the Finance and Administration website.

Offices Responsible for Reviewing, Processing, and Signing Contracts or Agreements

Agreement or Contract Type Office Responsible


Risk Management

Agreements Related to Gifts Development

Agreements Related to Sponsored Projects

  • Applied Research or Development
  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Educational/Training
  • Equipment Loan/Consignment
  • Teaming/Interinstitutional
  • Sponsored Research
  • Subcontracts under Grants or Contracts
  • Visiting Faculty/Scientist
  • Waiver of Facilities & Administration Costs for Proposals and Sponsored Projects

Vice President for Research
all agreements must be routed through SRS. and not sent directly to VPR.

Assignment of Intellectual Property Ownership

Technology Licensing


Facilities Management

Consulting/Independent Consultant

< $5000: Dept or College (non-competitive bid)

> $5000: Procurement Services (competitive bid or sole source)

Faculty Exchange


Licensing of RIT Technology

Technology Licensing

Personnel (employment contracts)

Human Resources


Procurement Services

Tuition Remission for Graduate Students

Financial Aid