Grant Writer's Boot Camp

Eligible Participants: The boot camp is open to newer faculty who are expected to conduct externally funded research.  This is a foundational program designed for people with limited experience writing proposals.  Limited seats are available so pre-registration is required.  A letter of endorsement from your Dean is required as part of the pre-registration.  Please note that a proposal submitted in response to the Grant Writers’ Boot Camp Seed Funding RFP is required for participation. 

Summary: The Grant Writers’ Boot Camp is comprised of one full day session and two half-day sessions focusing on preparing and submitting a proposal, talking to program officers, pitching your idea, and peer review.  The program covers the elements of a proposal and is designed around a $5K Seed Funding Request for proposal (RFP).  Participants will get an opportunity to: learn from an expert in external funding who will present on topics such as writing a winning proposal and talking to program officers; listen to experienced faculty who will share their strategies for obtaining external funding; contribute to a peer review exercise of proposals from other attendees.  

There will also be a competition around the concept of pitching your project and it will be judged by a panel of deans and research deans.  The winner of the pitch competition will receive an extra $500 in seed funding.

We are also offering optional 1 hour zoom sessions for 1 day (Jan 16th) following the Boot Camp program on a variety of topics.  The topics will be focused on in depth Federal Agency Overviews, general topics such as budgeting, compliance, and a General Q&A panel.  Attendance is optional but it will be an opportunity to ask additional questions or explore topics in more detail. Each session will be no more than 1 hour in length and will be recorded and available for viewing later.  A final schedule of the optional session topics will be provided at the Pre-Workshop Into Session and the Boot Camp itself.

Award Terms: Awards of up to $5K will be made after the workshop.  Awards will support a plan of work to improve the investigator’s competitiveness for external funding and will be for one year. Winners of the Pitch Competition will receive an additional $500 towards their total award amount to be spent in the same award period.

  • Due Date: TBD
  • Cost Matching: Not required.

Proposal Length: The proposals should be no more than 4 pages in length using 12 pt. Times New Roman font (or some equivalent).  A fully executed proposal review form (PRF) and letter of endorsement from the department head is required.  The PRF and endorsement is not included in the page limit.

Proposal Guidelines: To Be Announced.


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