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VentureWell Sustainable Design Faculty Grants

Synopsis. VentureWell Sustainable Design Faculty Grants fund up to $30,000 for colleges and universities to strengthen existing curricular programs and/or build new programs that incorporate key concepts of sustainability and environmental responsibility with the end goal of developing novel inventions and technologies.

Special consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate clear support for student innovations that are dedicated to climate change solutions, as well as innovations to existing products or systems that address an opportunity to become carbon neutral or net zero energy.

The full program solicitation is available at

All interested applicants are encouraged to participate in an informational webinar on April 20:

Organization Limit.  RIT may only submit two faculty grant proposals to VentureWell. Proposals may only be resubmitted once.

Internal Proposals. Internal proposals are limited to two pages and should briefly address the questions summarized in the “Proposal Narrative” heading of the solicitation (p. 5), keeping in mind the elements of a successful grant proposal as listed on pp. 2-3. Proposals should also include an estimated budget. If you’ve received feedback from VentureWell on one prior submission, you may include that as well.

Deadlines. Internal proposals are due through by 5:00 pm on April 29, 2020. Full proposals are due on May 20, 2020.