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Terry Koo

Job Title: 
Senior Research Administrator
Terry Koo received education (MPhil, Ph.D) in Rehabilitation and Biomedical Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and post-doc training at Johns Hopkins University. Before joining RIT, he was a professor at New York Chiropractic College for 14 years. He served as a grant reviewer and an editorial board member for several funding agencies and peer-reviewed scientific journals, and had written 23 grant applications throughout his academic career. In 2019, he made a career change by joining RIT’s Personalized Healthcare Technology Initiative (PHT180) as a research development specialist to support research grant programs in the healthcare domain. His service included opportunity scouting, proposal scoping, pre-award consultations, hands-on proposal development, proposal review, coaching, and early career training. He joined Sponsored Research Services in July 2021 to provide pre-award service to RIT faculty.