Math Placement Exam

The RIT Math Placement Exam (MPE) is used to place students in the appropriate initial mathematics and/or statistics course(s). The MPE must be taken seriously so that the score truly reflects a student's current level of math preparedness and knowledge. Outside resources and calculators are not permitted. Dishonesty during the MPE may result in improper placement, putting a student in a course they are not adequately prepared to take. Please read RIT's Academic Integrity Policy. If you took the AP Calculus AB or BC Exam, you are still required to take the MPE.

Advisors will use both your MPE score and your program requirements to determine where you will be placed.

MPE Score Course Placement Course Title Note
No minimum score MATH-101 or MATH-111 College Algebra or Precalculus Students may not take and receive credit for
both MATH-111 and MATH-101
At least 35% MATH-131 Discrete Mathematics  
At least 35% STAT-145 Introduction to Statistics I  
At least 45%  MATH-161 Applied Calculus  
At least 50%  MATH-171 Calculus A  
At least 60% MATH-181A Calculus I  
At least 70% MATH-181 Project-Based Calculus I  

Instructions for Incoming Freshmen

The Math Placement Exam will open on May 17, 2021. Follow the instructions below or check your email.

In order to achieve appropriate math course placement for the fall semester, you may be required to take the online Math Placement Exam (MPE). Refer to the FAQs below for the list of programs that are required to take the exam. You are strongly encouraged to complete the exam before June 15. The exam deadline is June 30, 2021. Complete the exam as soon as possible; your academic advisor is waiting for your score!

Be sure to take the exam seriously, as it will affect your course schedule for the first 1-2 years at RIT.

How do I take the Exam?

NOTE: BFA degrees are not required to take the Math Placement Exam.

Read all of the instructions below before starting the exam.

1. Activate your RIT computer account and RIT email. You will not be able to complete the Math Placement Exam without setting up your RIT email account first. (See RIT Account Activation below for more information)

2. Click on the Math Placement Exam (MPE) link here.

3. Login using your RIT username and password.

4. You must complete the Instructions first and then the Trial Quiz before taking the Math Placement Exam.

5. For both the Trial Quiz and Math Placement Exam, proctor is the username and password.

Important Information
The MPE is a timed exam - you will have 90 minutes to complete it. For more information on Disability-Related Accommodations, refer to our FAQs below "How do I receive extended time on the exam?"

The use of calculators, textbooks, or other outside materials is NOT PERMITTED. We highly suggest using pencil and paper to work out the problems.

RIT Account Activation
You will receive an account activation email from RIT when your enrollment deposit has been received and posted to our system. Allow 1-2 business days for deposit payment processing. The account activation email will go to the email address supplied on your admissions application. For detailed account management information or to contact the ITS Service Desk.

Instructions for Incoming Transfers

The Math Placement Exam is required for some transfer students, depending on your major and incoming transfer credit. If you are required to take the Math Placement Exam, you will receive an email notification to your RIT email* with detailed instructions.

*You will need to activate your RIT email account as soon as possible, using the instructions provided by RIT to the personal email address you used when you first applied.



Program Code


College of Art and Design (CAD)


Motion Picture Science (DIGCIME-BS) and Photographic Sciences (PHIMTEC-BS)

College of Engineering Technology (CET)


All Undergraduate Programs

College of Health Science and Technology (CHST)


Biomedical Sciences (BIOMED-BS)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) (DMSO-BS)
Exercise Science (EXRSCI-BS)
Dietetics and Nutrition (NUTR-BS)
Nutritional Sciences (NUTRSC-BS)
Physician Assistant (PHYA-BS)

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)


All Undergraduate Programs

College of Science


All Undergraduate Programs

Golisano College of Computing & Information Science (GCCIS)


All Undergraduate Programs

National Technical Insitute for the Deaf (NTID)


ASL-English Interpretation (ASLINT-BS), Applied Mechanical Technology (AMECHT-AAS), Pre-Bacc Engineering/Engineering Tech (PBENG-UND)

Kate Gleason College of Engineering


All Undergraduate Programs

Saunders College of Business (SCB)


All Undergraduate Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs (INSTD)


Applied Arts and Sciences (APPLAS-BS), University Exploration Program (UNIVST-UND)

NOTE: BFA degrees are not required to take the Math Placement Exam.

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Functions
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus

Yes, you are allowed one exam re-take. You are encouraged to study independently before re-taking the exam to help improve your score. There is a minimum 72-hour cool-off period between exams. Email after the cool-off period to request access to the exam re-take.

Yes, you should still plan on taking the Math Placement Exam. Your home department will determine if the course you took will transfer in for credit towards your degree and affect your placement.

Yes, you are still required to take the math placement exam (MPE). However, we are glad you took the AP exam and your score will certainly be used to help determine the appropriate credit received and your placement in a course. Academic departments use both AP scores and MPE scores to determine placement.

No. Although your SAT/ACT score may have been used for admissions purposes, it is not used for placement into a calculus course.

The exam is open May 17 - June 30. You can access the exam at any time of the day convenient for you, as it is available 24 hours a day. We strongly encourage you to complete the exam prior to June 15.

No. The placement exam is a diagnostic tool for initial placement only. It has nothing to do with your grades and will not appear on your transcript. However, statistics show a strong correlation between success and following the recommendations of the School of Mathematical Sciences based on your score on the placement exam.

No. The purpose of the exam is to test your skills and knowledge of mathematics, not your ability to use calculators. If you use a calculator or anything else as an aid on the placement exam, your course placement may not be an accurate indication on what course you should begin your mathematical studies. We want you to begin in the course that most suits your academic needs.

This test is not about passing or failing; it's about finding out where you should start so that you have the very best chance to succeed at RIT. When you take the Math Placement Exam, your mathematical skills are simply assessed. Your score indicates to the School of Mathematical Sciences and your home department where you should begin in mathematics courses.

You will be not be registered for a math course, or you will be dropped from such a course unless you have successfully completed the prerequisite course at RIT.

Disability-Related Accommodations for the MPE: Any student requesting accommodations for the Math Placement Exam needs to work with the RIT Disability Services Office to coordinate accommodations in advance of the test. The process to apply for accommodations is explained here. It is important to note that the accommodations approval process can take several weeks in some cases, so advance planning and communication with DSO is critical. Once accommodations are approved by DSO, the student must email to notify the MPE coordinators of their approved accommodations. Before beginning the test, students should await a confirmation that their accommodations are in place from the MPE coordinators.