Math Placement Exam

Start your math journey at RIT on the right path by taking the Math Placement Exam which assesses your skills and places you in the appropriate mathematics or statistics course.

All incoming and some transfer students must complete the RIT Math Placement Exam (MPE), regardless of any AP Calculus exams taken. This exam accurately assesses your current math preparedness, ensuring proper placement in appropriate mathematics or statistics courses for academic success. Strict adherence to RIT's Academic Integrity Policy is crucial during the MPE. The use of unauthorized resources, including calculators, is prohibited to uphold integrity and obtain an accurate score. An honest performance is essential for smooth transition into the right courses based on your program requirements.

Academic Advisors will determine your course placement based on your MPE score and curriculum. View the placement table here.

Transfer students required to take the MPE will receive an email notification with detailed instructions at their RIT email account. Activate your RIT email as soon as possible using the instructions sent to the personal email address used during application.

Exam Prep Information

Students interested in preparing for the Math Placement Exam can take a diagnostic assessment and use personalized Learning Modules before the exam in May or June. The diagnostic test identifies areas for review, and the Learning Modules provide practice to strengthen those concepts. This preparation opportunity is offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

How to Take the Math Placement Exam

Be sure to check your email for deadlines!

To take the exam, click on the link below.

  1. Type in your Assessment Code.
  2. Use your LEGAL First and Last Name that is on file with RIT.
  3. Use your RIT Username (prefix to

Students approved for extended test time by RIT's Disability Services Office (or their high school's equivalent office) will be placed in a separate class list with additional time allotted if they have indicated the need for this accommodation.

Take the Math Placement Exam

Retaking the Exam

If you plan to retake the MPE, review the skills and concepts you missed on your first attempt using the assigned Learning Modules. These modules target areas where you need improvement based on your previous performance.

Utilize the Learning Modules to practice and deepen your understanding before the retake. You have one retake opportunity, and we encourage independent study during the minimum 72-hour cool-off period between exams. Once the cool-off period ends, email us to request access to the retake exam. 

Math Placement Exam FAQs

The following majors are required to take the exam. BFA majors are not required to take the MPE.

College of Art and Design
Motion Picture Science (DIGCIME-BS)
Photographic Sciences (PHIMTEC-BS)

College of Engineering Technology 
All Undergraduate Programs

College of Health Science and Technology 
Biomedical Sciences (BIOMED-BS)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) (DMSO-BS)
Exercise Science (EXRSCI-BS)
Dietetics and Nutrition (NUTR-BS)
Nutritional Sciences (NUTRSC-BS)
Physician Assistant (PHYA-BS)

College of Liberal Arts 
All Undergraduate Programs

College of Science
All Undergraduate Programs

Golisano College of Computing & Information Science 
All Undergraduate Programs

National Technical Institute for the Deaf 
ASL-English Interpretation (ASLINT-BS)
Community Development and Inclusive Leadership (LEAD-BS)

Kate Gleason College of Engineering
All Undergraduate Programs

Saunders College of Business 
All Undergraduate Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs 
Individualized Program, BS 

You will not be registered for a math course, or you will be dropped from one, unless you have successfully completed the prerequisite course at RIT.

Yes, you should still take the Math Placement Exam. Your department will evaluate if your prior math course transfers for credit towards your degree requirements and impacts your placement.

Yes, you are still required to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE). However, your AP exam score will be used to help determine appropriate course credit and placement. Academic departments utilize both AP and MPE scores for placement decisions.

No, your SAT/ACT score is not used for placement into calculus courses.

No, the placement exam is a diagnostic tool for initial course placement only. It will not appear on your transcript. However, statistics show a strong correlation between success and following the recommendations of the School of Mathematical Sciences based on your score on the placement exam.

Non-STEM Test

Test for STEM Majors

The exam is currently open for eligible incoming and continuing students. Incoming students will receive instructions via their RIT email. Continuing students can send an email to request MPE access. 

No, calculators are not allowed. The exam assesses your mathematical knowledge and skills, not your ability to use calculators. Using calculators or other aids could lead to an inaccurate course placement that does not match your academic needs. We aim to place you in the course that is the best starting point for your math skills.

Students requesting accommodations for the Math Placement Exam need to work with the RIT Disability Services Office to coordinate accommodations in advance. The accommodation approval process can take several weeks, so advance planning and communication with DSO is critical. Once accommodations are approved, students must email the MPE coordinators to notify them and await confirmation that accommodations are in place before beginning the test.

The Math Placement Exam is not a pass/fail test; it assesses your current mathematical skills to determine the appropriate starting point for your math courses at RIT. Your score guides the School of Mathematical Sciences and your department in placing you in the course that gives you the best chance of success.

Yes, you are allowed one exam retake. We encourage you to study independently before retaking the exam to improve your score. There is a minimum 72-hour cool-off period between exams. To request access for the retake, email us after the cool-off period.