New applied cognitive neuroscience course offered at RIT

How animals view the world

Are you interested in how animals see? The Integrated Sciences Academy at RIT is offering a new Applied Cognitive Neuroscience course for the spring semester called Animal Vision. This course is designed for students who want to learn how animals transform light and other radiation into information.

Vision is an important tool for survival in the animal kingdom. Animal Vision explores the varied approaches to visually acquiring information used by animals occupying aquatic and land-based environments, including lens-based, mirror, and compound eyes. The course will cover the anatomy, physiology, and performance of visual systems and then delve deeper into understanding the details of visual systems of example species on land, sea, and air. Students will research the visual system of a chosen animal and prepare an oral presentation and a written report based on their results.

The credits for Animal Vision (COS-CGNS-322) can be applied towards a recently approved Applied Cognitive Neuroscience minor and interested students are recommended to contact the course instructor, Susan Farnand, for more information.