Integrated Sciences Academy


The Integrated Sciences Academy was created in 2017 as the innovative home to multidisciplinary academic and research programs in RIT’s College of Science. Current programs include science exploration, a first-year program that allows students to gain hands-on experience across the range of scientific disciplines in order to best select a major, and the color science program, which includes Master of Science and Ph.D. tracks that explore all aspects of color from lighting, through material properties, to human perception. The academy also houses the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, a preeminent academic laboratory dedicated exclusively to the science of color.


Year of laboratory-based science exploration before choosing a major


And only color science Ph.D. program in North America


Years of history with one of RIT’s oldest academic research laboratories, the Munsell Color Science Laboratory

Latest News

  • July 3, 2017

    RIT launches Integrated Sciences Academy

    The Integrated Sciences Academy in RIT’s College of Science will bring together researchers with different expertise to invent new ways to approach challenges facing a global society.

Undergraduate Programs

The science exploration program allows first-year students time to explore the range of experiences that the College of Science has to offer prior to selecting a science major for the remainder of their program. Other undergraduate programs and minors are in planning and proposal stages.

Take up to a year to explore RIT's portfolio of science programs before deciding on a major.

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Graduate Programs

The Master of Science and Ph.D. color science programs explore all aspects of color, from lighting, through material properties, to human perception. The program is closely associated with the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, which is considered one of the world’s top research facilities in the science of color.

Understand how humans perceive and interact with color in this unique program that has limitless applications.

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Color has been an intense topic of interest for thousands of years. Mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, physiologists, poets, and other disciplines have all contributed to our understanding of color. RIT’s color science Ph.D. program allows you to contribute to knowledge creation and practical application of color science. You will conduct extensive research that encompasses diverse fields and multiple disciplines of science. The program is designed for students whose undergraduate degrees are in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, neuroscience, experimental psychology, imaging, or any applied discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color.

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Munsell Color Science Laboratory

The Program of Color Science and Munsell Color Science Laboratory unite to form one of the world's foremost color science research and educational organizations. Our mission is to provide world-class education, research, and outreach in all areas of color science. These include: physical spectral and colorimetric measurements of materials and light sources; understanding the capture, processing, and display of color and spectral power distributions; and quantifying the human sensation of color matches and the higher-level perceptions of color appearance and chromatic adaptation.

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Student Resources

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