Program of Color Science/Munsell Color Science Laboratory


color version of RIT Sentinel sculptureThe Munsell Color Science Laboratory and the Program of Color Science unite to form one of the world‘s foremost color science research and education organizations. Our mission is to provide world-class education, research, and outreach in all areas of color science including:

  • Physical spectral and colorimetric measurements of materials and light sources.
  • Understanding the capture, processing, and display of color and spectral power distributions.
  • Quantifying the human sensation of color matches and the higher-level perceptions of color appearance and chromatic adaptation.

These areas, and others, are studies from the perspectives of both fundamental scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and psychology and application areas including:

  • Imaging Science
  • Motion Picture Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Graphics
  • Museum and Conservation Science
  • Sustainability

Alumni of our programs are in high demand and uniquely qualified to address the full breadth of color science in multidisciplinary teams. Color science degree graduates have accepted positions in electronic imaging, color instrumentation, colorant formulation, and basic and applied research. A sample of companies that have hired our graduates include Apple, Dolby Laboratories, Google, Benjamin Moore, Canon Corp., Hallmark, Hewlett Packard Corp., Microsoft Corp., Pantone, Qualcomm Inc., Ricoh Innovations Inc., LG Electronics, and Samsung.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Science and Ph.D. color science degrees explore all aspects of color, from lighting, through material properties, to human perception, and are closely associated with the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, which is considered one of the world’s top research facilities in the science of color.

A unique master’s degree that decodes how humans perceive and interact with color, providing limitless real-world applications.

Learn more about the Color Science MS program 

Earn a color science Ph.D. at the world’s leading university for color science research and education.

Learn more about the Color Science Ph.D. program 


The Munsell Color Science Laboratory has a long history of supporting the greater color science community through dissemination of our research. This includes publications, software, imaging databases, measurements, and more. At a fundamental level, these pages represent much of what we've done over the last 35+ years of research activities.

PoCS/MCSL Faculty

Mark Fairchild
Susan Farnand
Associate Professor
Michael Murdoch
Head of the Integrated Sciences Academy
Elena Fedorovskaya
Research Faculty
Mekides Assefa Abebe
Visiting Assistant Professor
Christopher Thorstenson
Assistant Professor


David Wyble
Associate Scientist
Stephanie Livingston-Heywood
Senior Staff Assistant


  • Saeedeh Abasi, Ph.D.
  • Fernando Voltolini De Azambuja, MS
  • Dara Dimoff, Ph.D.
  • Tucker Downs, Ph.D.
  • Yanmei He, MS
  • Sofie Herbeck, Ph.D.
  • Leah Humenuck, Ph.D.
  • Sanaz Aghamohammadi Kalkhoran, Ph.D.
  • Zilong Li, Ph.D.
  • Andrea Avendano Martinez, MS 
  • Likhitha Nagahanumaiah, Ph.D.
  • Eddie Pei, Ph.D.
  • Alireza “Nima” Rabbanifar, MS
  • Emily Rooney, Ph.D.
  • Soroush Shahbaznejad, Ph.D.
  • Che Shen, Ph.D.
  • Vlad Simion, MS
  • Sahara Smith, Ph.D.
  • Yuan Tian, Ph.D. 
  • Abby Weymouth, Ph.D.
  • Xinmiao Zhang, MS
  • Shuyi Zhao, Ph.D.

Gabrielle Brogle, MS
Luke Hellwig, Ph.D.
Olivia Kuzio, Ph.D.
Hao Xie, Ph.D.

Abby Weymouth, MS
Rema Amawi, Ph.D.
Lili, Zhang, Ph.D.

Anku, Ph.D., CS
Ben Bodner, MS
Katherine Carpenter, Ph.D., CS
Fu Jiang, Ph.D., CS
Yongmin Park, Ph.D., CS
Adi Robinson, Ph.D., CS
Yue Yuan, MS, CS

Jenibel Paray, MS, CS
Matthew Ronnenberg, Ph.D., CS

Nargess Hassani, PhD, CS
Gaurav Sheth, MS, CS

Brittany Cox, Ph.D., CS
Morteza Maali Amiri, MS, CS
Christopher Thorstenson, MS, CS

Yixuan Wang, MS, CS
Joel Witwer, MS, CS

Yuta Asano, Ph.D., CS
Maxim W. Derhak, PhD, CS
Jennifer Kruschwitz, PhD, CS
David L. Long, Ph.D., CS

Farhad Moghareh Abed, PhD, CS
Stephan Dolph, MS, IS
Adrià Forés Herranz, Ph.D., CS

Justin Ashbaugh, MS, CS
Lin Chen, MS, CS
Benjamin Darling, Ph.D., CS
Susan Farnand, Ph.D., CS
Jun (Chris) Jiang, Ph.D., CS

Ping-Hsu (Jones) Chen, MS, CS
Simon Muehlemann, MS, PM

Anthony Blatner, MS, CE
Brian Gamm, MS, CS
John Grim, MS, CS
Marissa Haddock, MS, CS
Dan Zhang, MS, CS

Bingxin Hou, MS, IS
Suparna Kalghatgi, MS, IE

Erin Fredericks, MS, IS
Rodney Heckaman, Ph.D., IS
Mahnaz Mohammadi, PhD, IS
Shizhe Shen, MS, CS

Stacey Casella, MS, CS
Ying Chen, MS, CS
Mahdi Nezamabadi, PhD, IS
Abhijit Sarkar, MS, CS
Yang Xue, MS, IS
Hongqin (Cathy) Zhang, Ph.D., IS
Yonghui (Iris) Zhao, Ph.D., IS

Kenneth Fleisher, MS, CS
Jiangtao (Willy) Kuang, PhD, IS

Yongda Chen, Ph.D., IS
Timothy Hattenberger, MS, IS
Zhaojian (Li) Li, MS, CS
Joseph Stellbrink, MS, CS

Maxim Derhak, MS, IS
Randall Guay, MS, IS
Jim Hewitt, MS, IS
Justin Laird, MS, CS
Joseph Slomka, MS, CS
Erin Murphy Smoyer, MS, CS
Yoshio Okumura, MS, CS
Michael Surgeary, MS, IS

Rohit Patil, MS, CS
Sung Ho Park, MS, CS
Xiaoyan (Yan) Song, MS, CS

D. Collin Day, MS, CS
Ellen Day, MS, CS
Scot Fernandez, MS, IS
Edward Hattenberger, MS, CS
Steve Jacob, MS, IS
Xiaoyun (Willie) Jiang, Ph.D., IS
Garrett Johnson, Ph.D., IS
David Robinson, MS, IS
Mitchell Rosen, Ph.D., IS
Deniz Schildkraut, MS, CS
Qun (Sam) Sun, Ph.D., IS

Arturo Aguirre, MS, CS
Jason Babcock, MS, CS
Anthony Calabria, MS, CS
Jen Cerniglia Stanek, MS, IS
Scot Fernandez, MS, CS
Jason Gibson, MS, CS
Shuxue Quan, Ph.D., IS
Yat-ming Wong, MS, IS

Alexei Krasnoselsky, MS, CS
Sun Ju Park, MS, CS
Michael Sanchez, MS, IS
Lawrence Taplin, MS, CS
Barbara Ulreich, MS, IS

Sergio Gonzalez, MS, CS
Sharon Henley, MS, CS
Patrick Igoe, MS, IS
Susan Lubecki, MS, CS
Richard Suorsa, MS, CS

Gus Braun, Ph.D., IS
Barbara Grady, MS, CS
Katherine Loj, MS, CS
Jonathan Phillips, MS, CS
Mark Reiman, MS, CS
Mark Shaw, MS, CS
Di-Yuan Tzeng, Ph.D., IS
Joan Zanghi, MS, CS

Scott Bennett, MS, CS
Fritz Ebner, Ph.D., IS
Garrett Johsnon, MS, CS
Naoya Katoh, MS, CS
David Wyble, MS, CS

Peter Burns, Ph.D., IS
Christopher Hauf, MS, CS
Brian Hawkins, MS, CS
Jack Rahill, MS, IS
Alex Vaysman, MS, IS

Karen Braun, Ph.D., IS
Cathy Daniels, MS, CS
Yue Qiao, MS, IS
Hae Kyung Shin, MS, IS

Richard Alfvin, MS, CS
Seth Ansell, MS, CS
Susan Farnand, MS, IS

Taek Kim, MS, IS
Audrey Lester, MS, CS
Jason Peterson, MS, IS
Debra Seitz Vent, MS, IS
James Shyu, MS, CS

Nathan Moroney, MS, CS
Elizabeth Pirrotta, MS, CS
Mitchell Rosen, MS, IS

Mark Gorzynski, MS, IS
Rich Riffel, MS, IS
Brian Rose, MS, CS

Yan Liu, MS, CS
Ricardo Motta, MS, IS
Amy North, MS, CS
Greg Snyder, MS, IS
Michael Stokes, MS, CS

Mitch Miller, MS, IS
Kelvin Peterson, MS, IS
Lisa Reniff, MS, CS

Denis Daoust, MS, IS
Wayne Farrell, MS, IS

Mark Fairchild, MS, IS

History of the Munsell Color Lab

The Munsell Color Company was founded by Professor Albert H. Munsell, the creator of the Munsell Color Order System and the Munsell Book of Color. The directors of the Munsell Color Company eventually sold the company's assets and created the Munsell Color Foundation. The Foundation was charged with furthering the scientific and practical advancement of color knowledge.

In 1983, the Foundation trustees voted to dissolve the foundation, and donate the proceeds to an academic institution for the creation and endowment of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. RIT was selected as the recipient of this donation, and MCSL was born. (Note: There is no formal relationship between the RIT Munsell Color Science Laboratory and the commercial Munsell Color products sold by X-Rite.)

The creation of MCSL was in large part due to the efforts of Franc Grum, the first MCSL Director (currently Prof. Mark Fairchild) and R.S. Hunter Professor of Color Science, Appearance, and Technology (currently Prof. Roy Berns). Prior to founding MCSL and RIT’s Department of Color Science, Professor Grum was a member of the Munsell Color Foundation, long-standing friend of RIT as an employee of the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories, and an Adjunct Professor in the Photographic Science Department.

Initially, MCSL and the Color Science Department were part of RIT's College of Graphics Arts and Photography. RIT later created the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, and MCSL became a research laboratory within that Center, currently housed in RIT's College of Science. In 1989, MCSL and the Center for Imaging Science moved to a new facility with approximately 6,500 square feet of space dedicated to color science research and education.

In the spring of 2003, space opened up in a nearby building. After extensive renovations, MCSL and the Color Science program moved into what is now formally called the Color Science Hall. The collocation of all our offices and laboratory space has fostered an amazing collaborative spirit in what was already an exciting, cooperative organization.

After careful strategic review of color science at RIT, the Program of Color Science (PoCS) and Munsell Color Science Laboratory (MCSL) were more closely joined as a stand-alone multidisciplinary graduate program in the College of Science. This new chapter in the storied history of these programs began in 2013, 30 years after the lab’s founding, with an aim of further extending the reach of color science across more scientific disciplines and into even more application areas.

"Nulli Secundus"

The Franc Grum Memorial Scholarship was established after his untimely death in 1985. It is intended to support scholarship in optical radiation measurements and color science. The funds for this award were made possible by gifts from the friends and family of Franc, as well as from industry. The scholarship is no longer presented as a separate award to individuals, but rather used to fund tuition for Color Science students in need.

Year Recipient Current Employer
1988 Mark E. Gorzynski Hewlett-Packard
1990 Michael Stokes Microsoft
1992 Audrey Lester Xerox
1994 Richard L. Alfvin Eastman Kodak
1997 Garrett M. Johnson Apple
2000 Mark Q. Shaw Hewlett-Packard
2001 Scot R. Fernandez Hallmark
2004 Justin L. Laird Gunlocke
2008 Erin Fredericks ITT

Albert MunsellProfessor Munsell was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 6th, 1858 and died June 28th, 1918 at age 60. Author of A Color Notation (1905) and the Atlas of the Munsell Color System (1915). Both an artist of distinction and a gifted teacher of art, he developed the first widely-accepted color order system to make the description of color accurate and convenient and to aid in the teaching of color. The Munsell color order system has gained international acceptance and has served as the foundation for other color order systems.

Albert Munsell founded the Munsell Color Company in 1917. Later, in 1942, the Munsell Color Foundation was formed by the company to promote the advancement of the science of color. Ultimately, the Munsell Color Foundation led to the founding of this laboratory, the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, in 1983, at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

About the Portrait

Unfortunately, no high-quality photo of Professor Munsell is available. In 1998, Munsell graduate student Doug Corbin restored the photo from Munsell's book, A Color Notation. The details of the procedure appeared in the February 1999 issue of Color Research and Application. Doug has provided the following information pertaining to this restoration:

The full text of the CR&A submission can be found here.
The LARGE uncorrected image can be found here. (21MB TIFF file)
The scientific diaries of Albert Munsell are available here.


Ellen Carter
Color Research and Application
Scot Fernandez
YRC Worldwide, Inc.
Francisco Imai
Tom Lianza
Sequel Color Science
Ricardo Motta
M. Ronnier Luo
U. Leeds, Zhejiang U., Nat. Taiwan U. of Science & Technology


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