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Did You Know?

  • …RIT owned a live Bengal Tiger in the 1960s?
  • …And before we were the RIT Tigers, we were the Techmen?
  • …Campus is home to over 700 works of art, including pieces from internationally known artists and RIT faculty, students, and alumni?
  • …RIT loves acronyms and lingo…it's easy to get confused! 
  • …Not only are there underground tunnels connecting many of the buildings, but the tunnels beneath the residence halls are painted with murals that display the social, cultural and historical moments that have shaped the lives of RIT students?
  • …The Quarter Mile is actually a third of a mile long?
  • …The RIT Ambulance was initiated by and is run by RIT students?
  • …Students can practice climbing skills at the Red Barn?
  • …You can see the work of RIT graduates in many of your favorite animated films?
  • …RIT used to be located in downtown Rochester, and only moved to its Henrietta location in 1968?