Co-op and Career Services

It is never too early for your student to start planning for their career.

Cooperative education (co-op) and internships give students a head start with significant, full-time, paid work experience directly related to student’s field of study and career interests.

Parent Tips and Conversation Starters

It is important to know that students are not assigned co-ops and internships; they must search and apply similar to what they will do for full-time employment. Some students must apply to many positions before successfully securing a co-op or internship opportunity. You should encourage your student to use all resources available to them, including RIT resources, LinkedIn and other social media, professors, and their personal network.


  • Each student is assigned a career services coordinator by their college or program.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of all RIT resources, including career fairs and resume writing support.
  • Students can build their resume with campus jobs, leadership positions, studying abroad, and volunteering.
  • On-campus jobs help students stay organized and on task in other areas, including academics.
  • Career Services support continues following graduation.

Conversation starters

  • Does your program require a co-op? When is it scheduled?
  • What types of jobs are you thinking you’d like to do for your co-op?
  • When is the University-Wide Career Fair this semester? Does your college have a separate career fair?
  • How often are you updating your resume? Have you had someone else review it?


Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education

This office provides career and employment services to current RIT students and alumni. Some of the primary services include:

  • Career counseling—Students can meet with a career counselor to explore options for majors, careers, and co-ops, as well as help with the job search process.
  • Career Connect—Through Career Connect, students can locate co-ops, internships, and full-time jobs.
  • Career fairs—RIT offers two University-Wide Career Fairs each year during fall and spring semesters. In addition to these, there are college- or major-specific career fairs offered throughout the year.
  • Co-op and job search preparation—Students have access to a wide variety of co-op and job preparation support, including cover letter and resume writing, interviewing, networking, and much more.