Getting Involved

Campus involvement is an important aspect of student life, and with over 300 student clubs and organizations, your student is sure to stay busy at RIT. Whether they are into art, gaming, music, politics, science, sports, or theatre, they will almost certainly find others at RIT who share your same passion.

Parent Tips and Conversation Starters

Getting involved in a student group or organization is a great way for your student to meet friends with mutual interests, boost a resume, and get leadership experience. It is also a chance to carry on a hobby from the past or try new things. Even in the busy times, campus involvement is a form of self-care that can help students be happy and successful.


  • Encourage your student to get involved on campus through student organizations, campus activities, and events.
  • Students can attend organization meetings to check out the club and the atmosphere to see if it is a good fit; many students will join several clubs at the beginning of the year to find the one or two that is the best match.
  • Volunteering is another way for students to engage in the campus and community.
  • Students can engage through campus events, including athletics.

Conversation starters

  • What club/organization meetings have you attended?
  • How have you made your friends on campus?
  • What kind of volunteer opportunities have you found at RIT?
  • Have you been to a hockey game or other athletics event?


RIT Events Calendar

There are also plenty of opportunities for your student to get involved through RIT hosted and sponsored events. The RIT Events Calendar is updated daily and houses all RIT sponsored and hosted events including athletic events, campus activities, academic programs, and more.


CampusGroups is a one-stop shop that provides students access to and information about all campus clubs and organizations, activities, and events. Students can log in with their RIT account information, create a profile, and find activities based on their interests. 

Center for Campus Life

The Center for Campus Life consists of several services and programs for students. This office provides support for student clubs, organizations, and communities, including Student Government, and offers services that assist the campus community in holding meetings and events. 

Through the Center for Campus Life as well as other office on campus, students have an opportunity to connect with others and build community based on their identity – LBGTQ+, commuter, cultural identity, religious identity, and more. 

Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement

Leadership skills and volunteer work are critical for today’s college graduates. The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement assists students in developing leadership skills for personal and career success and encourages them to become civic minded, contributing members of society through a variety of courses, events, and service opportunities.

Center for Recreation and Intramurals

Students can join intramural teams on campus or work out in one of the recreational facilities available through the Center for Recreation and Intramurals.

Spirituality and Religious Life

Spirituality and Religious Life programs affirm RIT’s commitment to holistic education by nurturing of mind and spirit in the college experience. Its mission is to cultivate engaged and vibrant religious, secular, and spiritual communities on campus that explore deep questions of purpose, meaning, and value.