Living on Campus

Living on campus can bring a lot of conveniences and opportunities for students, particularly in their first year. There are several housing options at RIT that provide a variety of living experiences for students.

Parent Tips and Conversation Starters

One of the biggest challenges related to living on campus that your student is likely to face is living with a roommate, often for the first time. You should always allow your student to navigate these relationships on their own, but you can offer tips about communication and negotiation.


  • For help with living space or roommates, your student should start by talking to their Resident Advisor (RA). These peers have a great deal of training and have gone through a rigorous selection process.
  • Allow your student to handle any roommate conflicts on their own or with the help of an RA. Encourage your student to speak up about their needs and concerns, but to listen to and be respectful of their roommate.
  • For questions about housing assignments and maintenance services, contact the RIT Housing office.

Conversation starters

  • How are you and your roommate compromising about how you use your space?
  • How do you and your roommate negotiate chores and schedules?
  • What is your RA like?
  • How have you been meeting other people on your floor?
  • What do you enjoy the most about living on campus?
  • Have you thought about where you want to live next year?
  • What are some things about independent living that excite you? That make you nervous?


RIT Housing

RIT Housing is responsible for the administration of housing assignments, student access to buildings, and the maintenance of all housing units. RIT Housing provides detailed information regarding housing options and rates. 

Center for Residence Life

Residence Life provides staffing and expertise to support the development of a strong, positive community in residence halls and apartments on campus.

Special Interest Houses offer students a close-knit community of residents who share similar interests.