Parking and Transportation

RIT provides numerous options for students in regards to getting around campus and the community. Parking and Transportation Services administers all parking and transportation services at RIT and is a good resource for your student.

Parent Tips and Conversation Starters

Students are allowed to have cars on campus but must purchase a parking permit, whether as a commuter or a residential student. Before your student opts to have a car on campus, suggest that they consider the reasons for needing a car and review all transportation options.


  • Make sure your student gets the correct parking permit for their living situation.
  • If they will have a car on campus, prepare them with safety and maintenance tips.
  • All parking permits are “virtual” – no hangtags or stickers. The permit is associated with license plates.
  • All visitors to campus must stop by the Welcome Center (located on Lomb Memorial Drive past the roundabout) to obtain a guest parking pass.
  • Students living in any on-campus housing or 175 Jefferson, The Apex, The Province, and Park Point apartments CANNOT get commuter parking permits. Shuttle services are in place for these students.
  • If your student has unpaid parking citations at the end of the year, they will appear on the next tuition statement. Student citations not paid or appealed within ten days of issuance are automatically transferred to the student’s financial services account.

Conversation starters

  • Do you know how often to get your oil changed?
  • How will you earn money for gas?
  • Have you researched the bus and shuttle options at RIT?
  • What other transportation options have you thought about (e.g., bike, ride share)?


Parking and Transportation Services 

This office administers all parking and transportation services at RIT, including parking on campus and transportation options.

RIT Shuttle Services

The shuttle provides regular scheduled services to areas on and around campus, Park Point, The Province and The Apex as well as all RIT Housing. Daily shuttles also connect with Regional Transit Services (Rochester’s public bus system) at the Henrietta RTS Hub. Schedules can be found on the above website and the RIT app.

My Bus Home

My Bus Home arranges one-way and round-trip transportation for academic breaks to a variety of cities. For more information, schedules, and locations, your student can sign up on the My Bus Home website

There is Amtrak and Greyhound service in Rochester, as well as the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.