Money Matters

College is a big investment, not just for the student but often for the entire family. RIT has resources to help make college more affordable and to assist with the payments.

Parent Tips and Conversation Starters

We encourage you to have open conversations with your student about your financial contributions as well as your expectations of them. Don’t forget to discuss who is responsible for the smaller expenses like gas and pizza.


  • If you will be paying the bill, make sure your student authorizes you as a payer in eServices so you receive notifications when bills are available.
  • File the FAFSA on an annual basis by the preferred filling date.
  • On-campus jobs are a great way for students to earn money and there are many benefits to working an on-campus job, including flexibility and an understanding that their focus is on education.

Conversation starters

  • Have you given me guest access to eServices so I can have access to the bill?
  • Do you know the difference between credit cards and debit cards?
  • What is the minimum GPA you must have to keep your scholarship?
  • What type of campus job are you interested in?


Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is RIT’s central billing service center for tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by students. On the Student Financial Services website, you will find:

  • Tuition and fees—See the breakdown of costs by current academic year.
  • Billing and payment dates— Bills are generated on or about the first of the month and due the 15th of the month. Email notifications are sent to students and authorized payers when bills are available on eServices.
  • Payment options—Bills can be paid by check, eCheck, or a credit card can be used to pay online through Nelnet Business Solutions.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships assists students and families in identifying sources of financial aid to help meet the cost of a quality education. This office can help you and your student navigate applying for aid, securing scholarships and loans, completing needed paperwork, and more.

Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office provides resources for students seeking work experience on campus.