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Timely Issues


While February starts off with the new semester feel, things pick up quickly throughout the month. The excitement of being back on campus with friends after winter break might start to wear as the days get colder and coursework gets harder. 

This is when students who applied for RIT housing will learn about their housing assignments for next year. Students who did not get the assignment they want will be disappointed and will consider other options. Like when they were choosing housing options, remind students to consider the responsibilities required in the different types of housing. If your student is looking at RIT apartments, be sure he or she knows which are furnished and unfurnished, and what that will mean financially. If your student is looking to move into non-RIT housing, have discussions about security, bills, cooking, cleaning, transportation and parking, and other tenant responsibilities.

For first-year students who never quite felt like they belonged here throughout the first semester, this is the time when they usually realize they fit in at RIT after all. 

Because of the cold and dark weather this time of year, many students will start thinking about spring break plans. Student should be aware; if a package deal seems too good to be true, it could be a scam.

Although it is the shortest month, February can seem endless, especially for upperclassmen who don’t have the feeling of newness that first-year students have. Students should look for campus activities, such as Freeze Fest, to liven up the dark and cold month. This is also a time of year that a care package, perhaps around Valentine’s Day, will be much appreciated.

Student experiences:

  • Feelings of comfort with RIT and new friendships
  • Feelings of claustrophobia as winter continues; tempers tend to be short and tensions increase
  • Valentine's Day can be a bright spot in the month, or it can bring on feelings of loneliness, disappointment regarding past relationships
  • Disappointment or excitement regarding housing assignments for next year