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Timely Issues

June, July, August

Students who go home for the summer may seem bored and anxious to get back to RIT. The boxes they brought home could sit unopened for weeks, or perhaps for the entire summer. Students change significantly during their first year at college, and this will become apparent in their relationships with high school friends. The initial excitement about having a summer to spend with old friends may fade. On the other hand, former classmates who were not friends in high school may now seem more interesting.

Your student may be taking summer classes at RIT and will find life on campus to be much more quiet and laid back than during the academic year. The pace of classes, however, can be quite intense. Your student may also be on co-op during the summer. If this is your student’s first co-op experience, they will likely have many questions for you, as well as concerns and excitement similar to a first big job or internship.

Summer is a time when students might consider a change of major. Parents should be open to exploring this option with their students. Advisers in University Exploration are available to help students gather information; parents can offer support and listen to students as they make this decision.

Particularly towards the end of the summer, students will look forward to going back to RIT and being back with friends and in class.

Student experiences:

  • Initial excitement about summer that will wane throughout the summer
  • A new summer job, internship, or co-op
  • Discovering changing relationships with old friends
  • Missing campus and RIT friendships