Alumni in the news

Recent highlights of media coverage of RIT alumni

February 2018

  • A look at 'Token'
    RIT Venture Creations graduate, interviewed, WROC-TV, February 20 (Link)
  • Identity tech start-up run by RIT grads gets $1.75M in state funding
    WHAM-TV, February 15 (Link)
  • High Tech company started by RIT alums gets NYS investment, February 15 (Link)
  • Tech CEO Austin McChord barely finished college--then donated $50 million to his alma mater
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) featured,, February 13 (Link)
  • America‚Äôs Top 50 Donors Show How Tech Riches Continue To Shake Up Philanthropy
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) mentioned, Fast Company, February 7 (Link)
  • Here's who gave away the most money in 2017
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) mentioned,, February 5 (Link)

January 2018

  • 19th Ward is seeing an upswing in real estate activity
    Mark Updegraff '02 (imaging and photographic technology) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, January 25 (Link)
  • The programmer at the center of a $100 billion crypto storm
    Brandon Chez '09 (computer science) featured, The Wall Street Journal, January 23 (Link)
  • Pakistani designer ignites debate with powerful feminist graphics
    Shehzil Malik '15 (computer graphics design) featured,, January 22 (Link)
  • Move Over, Magritte: Alchemist-Photographer Jerry Uelsmann Documents States of Consciousness
    Jerry Uelsmann '57 (photography) featured, Flagler Live, January 18 (Link)
  • PRO HOCKEY: Batavia resident playing for Pegula-owned Beauts
    Kourtney Kunichika '14 (motion picture science) featured, The Daily News, January 18 (Link)
  • One worked on the A-bomb. The other was a victim. How their grandsons now create art together.
    Kei Ito '14 (professional photographic illustration) featured, The Washington Post, January 18 (Link)
  • Well, well, well, given time Rush couple's video on digging for water goes viral
    Bethany Choate '06 (imaging science) featured, Democrat and Chronicle, January 14 (Link)
  • DeafTax Serves Everyone
    Joshua Beal '09 (MBA) featured and Charles Sterling '05, '07 (management, MBA) mentioned, Hawaii Business Magazine, January 5 (Link)

December 2017

  • Planet Eating Star
    Valerie Rapson '15 (astrophysical sciences and technology) featured,, December 31 (Link)
  • Philanthropy Tracker
    Austin McChord '09 (bioinformatics) mentioned,, December 29 (Link)
  • RIT students design dining at Good Luck
    City Newspaper, December 20 (Link)
  • RIT donation to fund 'gap year' fellowships to bring promising ideas to market
    WHAM-TV, December 19 (Link)
  • Gifts Roundup: Entrepreneur Gives $50 Million to Rochester Institute of Technology
    The Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 18 (Link)
  • Technology keeps improving ways for the blind to live independently
    Arthur Rizzino '94 (computer science) featured, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 16 (Link)
  • RIT alum makes historic contribution of $50 million
    Rochester Business Journal, December 13 (Link)
  • RIT Gets Its Largest Ever Gift From Alumnus: $50M
    The Associated Press, December 13 (Link)
  • Who is Austin McChord?
    Democrat and Chronicle, December 13 (Link)
  • RIT alum Austin McChord, 32, donates $50M to college
    Democrat and Chronicle, December 13 (Link)
  • Entrepreneur donates $50 million to RIT, December 13 (Link)
  • Microbes of the Human Tongue Form Organized Clusters
    Steven Wilbert '14 (biomedical photographic communications) cited, The Scientist, December 5 (Link)
  • Metropolis Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Play
    James Paulius '13 (industrial design) featured, Metropolis, November 30 (Link)