Two winners in Facebook Photo Challenge announced

‘Dorm Challenge’ photo contest offers glimpse at creative living spaces inside students’ dorm rooms and apartments

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Rob Hendricks

Rob Hendricks’ photo of his Park Point apartment.

Fans of RIT on Facebook chose two photographs as their favorites in the latest RIT Facebook Photo Challenge, which wrapped up last week.

For two weeks, RIT students submitted digital photos showing their dorm rooms and apartments, while visitors to the RIT Facebook Fan Page signaled their approval by “liking” those deemed the best decorated or most creative.

Winners receiving the most “likes” are Sarah Keilson, a graduate student from Chapel Hill, N.C., who is studying medical illustration, and Rob Hendricks, a new media design and imaging major from Greece, N.Y.

One female and one male student were selected as winners in the contest.

Keilson’s photo of her 1920s-era University Avenue apartment, with gleaming hardwood floors and steam radiator, showed off a tidy bedroom featuring posters by artist Mark Rothko, an Oriental rug and other neatly placed belongings.

“This competition was fun, since I love to give my surroundings character and always appreciate feedback,” she says.

Hendricks’ Park Point apartment features walls almost entirely covered with posters, along with “rope lights,” a lava lamp, Linkin Park light, Captain Morgan mirror and bonsai tree.

For winning, Keilson and Hendricks will each receive Barnes & Noble @ RIT gift packs featuring a dorm-size refrigerator with an RIT magnet (or, if they already have a refrigerator, a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble).

To view all of the photographs submitted in the contest, visit the RIT Facebook Fan Page.