RIT Named a ‘Best Buy’ School by ‘Fiske Guide to Colleges’

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Rochester Institute of Technology has been named a “Best Buy” school in the 2012 revised and updated edition of Fiske Guide to Colleges.

The guide has an “Index by Price” that groups public and private institutions into four price categories, from inexpensive to very expensive, but also suggests a number of schools that offer outstanding academics with relatively moderate prices. In 2012, Fiske designated 49 such institutions—24 public and 25 private—as “Best Buys.”

All of the “Best Buy” schools fall into the inexpensive or moderate price category and have stellar academics ratings.

RIT is described as “strong in anything related to computing, art and design, and engineering. In the city built by Kodak, photography and imaging are among tops in the nation. RIT is devoted to undergraduates.”

For more information, go to www.sourcebookscollege.com/spotlight/fiske-best-buy-colleges.html.