Financial Literacy Expert Presents on Credit Card Use, Student Debt

Retired Judge John Ninfo II takes part in the financial wellness initiative at RIT

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Many students are burdened by financial challenges that drive them into significant financial debt. A majority of these students are financially illiterate, unaware of the dangers that credit card and student debt can cause. When it comes time to become financially literate, “It’s a matter of life or debt,” says Judge John Ninfo II. “It is time to increase your Financial IQ.”

Ninfo will give a free presentation on financial literacy as a part of the financial wellness initiative at 4 p.m. March 28 in Ingle Auditorium, RIT’s Student Alumni Union. Ninfo is an expert on financial literacy issues and is a retired bankruptcy judge for the Western District of New York Bankruptcy Court. He created the Credit Abuse Resistance Education program to educate young adults on financial matters, specifically targeting high school and college ages.

The financial literacy presentation will include information on credit card and student debt. Ninfo will focus on students’ need to become financially literate by discussing the steps from the Credit Abuse Resistance Education program and other helpful tips on how to minimize student loan debt. Discussion topics will include issues such as having debt that students can afford, having a plan to repay the debts and concentrating on the importance of a savings account for possible future emergencies.

As part of RIT’s wellness initiative, the Wellness Financial Literacy Team has sponsored different programs to address and assist with financial literacy within the RIT community similar with Ninfo’s presentation.

“Having a comprehensive understanding of one’s economic situation is critical for future decision-making and overall well-being,” states Donna Rubin, assistant vice president for Student Wellness at RIT.