Passion for helping others obtain their wellness goals

Joe Delgado, co-manager of Better Me wellness program at RIT, shares his success

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Joe Delgado ’09, ’11 (electrical engineering, multidisciplinary studies) accomplished a lifetime goal earlier this month by benching more than 500 pounds at the Pennsylvania State Championships, breaking a New York state record of 460 pounds.

Delgado has been powerlifting for 11 years and has participated in at least two competitions a year since 2001.

Delgado has played with weight all of his life but did not think of making it a career until 2004 when he became a personal trainer at RIT. During that time, Delgado co-created and is the co-manager of the Better Me Fitness Program for employees at RIT with training partner Jacques-Luis Nodar.

In his spare time, Delgado competes nationally as a powerlifter. Delgado is a 100 percent natural lifter, which means that he does not take any steroids or supplements to reach his goals. He wishes to push that message to high school and college audiences.

“There is no need to take any type of performance enhancing drug; it’s cheating and there are multiple health risks involved. All you need is hard work, dedication and commitment,” Delgado says. “It is also important for people to see a real, living, breathing example of someone who has not used these supplements. I feel after my most recent accomplishment, I can advocate this lifestyle better.”

Delgado next hopes to apply for the USA Bench Team, whose members compete against powerlifters from across the world. He also wants to write a book with specific programs on training the natural way.

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