Film and Animation grads’ work wins Oscar

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This year’s Academy Award for Best Visual Effects was won by Life of Pi, which depicted a digital Bengal tiger and other effects worked on by three graduates from RIT’s School of Film and Animation.

Scott Vosbury ’04 (film and animation), Rich Enders ’02 (computer graphic animation) and Jen Stratton ’05 (film and animation) work for Rhythm & Hues, a character animation and visual-effects studio in Los Angeles.

Vosbury worked as a lead digital compositor for the film with a team responsible for scenes involving Pi being stranded at sea, animal attacks and flying fish.

Enders was a tracking supervisor for the film, one of about 40 artists who made sure the characters’ positions were in sync with the movement of other objects, such as waves and the boat.

Stratton was responsible for delegating tasks and managing the texture team, ensuring image surfaces looked the way they were supposed to look.