RIT cited among “Best Colleges for Your Money” in new ranking

Money magazine listing looks at quality, affordability and educational outcomes

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RIT is among the universities included in a new ranking by Money magazine “711 Best Colleges for Your Money.”

Rochester Institute of Technology is among the universities included in a new ranking by Money magazine: “711 Best Colleges for Your Money.”

“In building our rankings, Money focused on the three basic factors that surveys show are the most important to parents and students: Quality of education, affordability and outcomes,” the publication said.

For the new ranking, Money evaluated 2,400 colleges on 27 data points, with 711 of those schools meeting the publication’s criteria. Among the factors were graduation rate, average time to earn a degree, average student debt, and financial aid provided.

RIT was also ranked on a specialty list “The 50 Colleges that Add the Most Value,” colleges “that help students do far better than would be expected from their academic and economic backgrounds.” The publication said that 52 percent of students who come from families with low income end up earning upper middle class incomes, and that RIT alumni earn an average salary of $57,900 within five years.

“RIT takes pride in creating a campus of ideas and creativity, and the high quality of its science, engineering and technology programs is matched by the excellent reputation of its fine arts programs such as photography, design and film,” the publication says. “The experiential learning component is RIT’s co-op education program, one of the oldest and largest in the country.”