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Quantifying quality

When looking at an image, either digital or printed, most people first decide whether it looks good. However, that decision is obviously arbitrary and based on opinion. So, how do specialists decide what looks good when creating printed documents or digital images? In other words how do you quantify quality? Since the invention of the more »

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Making the world a better place

While the term “sustainability” is often used to define efforts to improve the environment, there is a growing understanding of the need for sustainable development in numerous cultural and societal areas. This concept includes addressing acute social issues such as homelessness and the services available to this population. Within the past several years, a group more »

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Climate change: Science meeting new demands

Last time Matthew Stepp, guest blogger and RIT graduate student in public policy, discussed the growing scientific push for real solutions to the global warming issue. Today, Stepp outlines a number of projects that are attempting to address this increasingly essential environmental and social challenge. Even as science and politics feud with each other, the more »

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Climate change: When science meets politics

Matthew Stepp, an RIT graduate student in public policy, is researching the impacts of a variety of public policy options on transportation and greenhouse gas emissions through a project led by James Winebrake, chair of the department of science, technology and society/public policy. Today, in the first of two-part guest-blogger series, he discusses the current more »

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This is Jeopardy!

I, Will Dube, admit here and now that I am an addict. Actually a third generation addict. Of the game show Jeopardy that is. Some of my earliest memories are watching the show with my father and some of his earliest are watching the older version, with Art Fleming as host, with his mother. To more »

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The true impact of smoking

Through my work at RIT, I often have the pleasure of publicizing work that is helping to improve medical care and ultimately save lives. For example, university researchers are currently seeking to enhance knowledge surrounding the impact of smoking on human health. The impacts of cigarette smoking are pretty well known at this point, from more »

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