August 22, 2014
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Inside the stripes

There isn’t a more beloved figure on campus than RIT’s mascot, Ritchie the Tiger. But, as I interviewed the men behind Ritchie’s mask for a feature story in the upcoming issue of News & Events (which hits the racks Sept. 7), I learned that it isn’t easy being Ritchie. People tend to show their affection more »

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pwned. |2|T r0x0rz g4m3r c0113g3 $u|2v3y

If you dont’ know ‘leet speak,’ then it’s time to get your nerd on and figure it out. The reason I chose to post the title in 1337 (leet, or elite), was to honor RIT’s placement on the Global Gaming League’s first annual Top Gaming Colleges survey (GGL). Contenders were judged on the following criteria: more »

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Reflections on the RIT brand

Branding. It’s a concept we most often associate with corporate America. Brand identity it crucial to a company’s long-term viability. It may result from its knack for innovation or the quality of the firm’s products and customer service. I had an opportunity last week to reflect on this with RIT’s orientation assistants and resident advisors. more »

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Getting the party started

One of the challenges of being an active participant in the blogosphere is figuring out how to get conversations started. Because it’s all well and good for us to give the inside look at a higher-ed PR department, but not much point if we’re the only ones looking. The best way I see to get more »

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U.S. News rankings: A challenge to RIT alumni

The 2007 U.S. News & World Report: America’s Best Colleges report is out and once again RIT received recognition for being among the best regional universities in the North. RIT also earned kudos for being among the best co-op programs in the nation. Both the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the E. Philip Saunders more »

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Under construction.

Here are the stats so far regarding the CMS: – more than 800 lines of code. – approximately 60 hours of planning, designing, and writing code. – several kittens viewed at …back to work, all. Wish me luck.

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