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Life after dark

Ever hear someone say there’s nothing to do at RIT? IT’S NOT TRUE! (Yes, I’m shouting.) And you don’t have to take my word for this. Check out the spring issue of RIT: The University Magazine for evidence. The cover and five-page photo essay document RIT life after dark for just a small slice of more »

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Star power

A movie about Matt Hammill ’99 (electromechanical technology)—A.K.A. “The Hammer”—is set to be released soon. In case you don’t know the story, Hammill, born deaf, grew up to become a champion wrestler and now an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star. An interesting interview with Hammill ran in The Columbus Dispatch earlier this month. You can more »

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Good news about great grads

Considering that RIT has more than 102,000 living alumni, it’s not surprising that their names show up in the news media on a regular basis. And when alumni get “good press,” that’s good for RIT as well. Our new Alumni News Web page lists the latest “hits” in the Alumni in the News section. Here’s more »

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A Web page for RIT alumni

RIT alumni amaze me. Every day, we receive news clips, e-mails, calls and notes about our grads and the terrific things they are doing. For example: Rodney Heckaman just completed RIT’s demanding Ph. D. program in imaging science – at an age when most people retire. Amber Stanton Zion ’03 (performing arts), ’04 (graphic design) more »

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Winter is here

Hopefully you’ve received a copy of the Winter 2008-09 issue of RIT: The University Magazine. It came out almost three weeks ago, but I am happy to take this opportunity to talk it up. The cover features photos by Bruce Davidson ’54, Pete Turner ’56 and Carl Chiarenza ’57. More than five decades after graduating, more »

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RIT grads: Here’s news for youse

There’s never enough space in the print edition of RIT: The University Magazine to tell all the good stories we hear about our alumni. We only have 48 pages three times a year: It’s very frustrating! So why not add some pages and publish more often? Well, that costs a lot of money and, quite more »

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