August 21, 2014
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bidders row, 1337If you dont’ know ‘leet speak,’ then it’s time to get your nerd on and figure it out.

The reason I chose to post the title in 1337 (leet, or elite), was to honor RIT’s placement on the Global Gaming League’s first annual Top Gaming Colleges survey (GGL).

Contenders were judged on the following criteria:

- Population
- Proximity to areas rich with gamer culture
- Student organizations dedicated to gaming
- Tournaments and LAN parties on campus
- Tech friendliness (ease of use & tech open-mindedness)
- Internet connection speed & reliability
- Game programming curriculum

RIT ranked #3 in the survey (scroll to mid-page), with top scores in student organizations, tournaments & LAN parties, tech-friendliness, and internet connection. Survey poster Mahmood had this to say about RIT:

In upstate New York, 15,000 students congregate for a better gaming experience than most universities could ever hope to offer. Maybe it’s just that there’s nothing to do in Rochester, but RIT has great LAN parties.

Excellent! …or should I say OMGWTFBBQ!!11!1one! Thanks Guys!

Now that you’re fluent in 1337 speak, it’s time to discover RIT’s The Electronic Gaming Society.

  1. Silandara
    Sep 01

    "Owned! RIT something gamer college survey." That's what I got. Mike's going to love this one. I always wondered if anyone outside RIT would pick up on the LAN parties.

  2. RIT’s got
    Oct 10

    [...] You may have read about this in an earlier post by Pete… [...]

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