August 20, 2014
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Dateline: RIT e-newsletter published Dateline: RIT, Podcasts

A brief respite (for both of us) this week from “The making of a podcast” to let you know that the latest Dateline: RIT e-newsletter is available now at The December newsletter includes links to “RIT in the news” stories previously highlighted on “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast,” along with other news story placements (such as Dr. Ron Hira’s recent New York Times quote about visas), campus news highlights from News & Events, and details about upcoming campus events (including a symposium, for which University News is a partner, on Advertising in the Digital Age, 8:30 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Monday, Dec. 11).

If you’re not already a subscriber to the monthly Dateline: RIT e-newsletter, you’re invited to sign up for a free subscription by visiting

I also would like to use this opportunity to solicit your feedback about the e-newsletter. The inaugural Dateline: RIT e-newsletter was published on Feb. 1, 2005. It had evolved from an earlier monthly e-newsletter called News@RIT. Thanks to a “news clipping” service with which University News has a new affiliation, we now have the capability to easily provide subscribers with more frequent—and timely—alerts to RIT news-story placements. Is this something you would be interested in receiving? If so, how often would you like to receive “RIT in the news” updates: Daily? Weekly? Biweekly? Monthly?

Please feel welcome to leave comments here, or e-mail them to me at Thanks and have a great winter quarter!

  1. Brandon
    Dec 05

    From a student's perspective, anything that comes monthly gets forgotten about
    because there is so much time between interactions with each issue. Daily becomes a
    bother because we don't have time to read a daily update and three days worth of updates
    in the inbox looks intimidating so all issues end up deleted.

    For students, I think weekly is the way to go.

  2. Mike Saffran
    Dec 05

    Thanks for your feedback, Brandon. I tend to agree—I subscribe to one daily e-mail and, although I'm fairly diligent about keeping up with messages on a daily basis, they occasionally stack up.

    Weekly or biweekly (the latter in conjunction with Dateline: RIT – The Podcast" and News & Events schedules) might be the way to go.

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