August 20, 2014
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Is this journalism? PR musings

Today I typed press releases and articles to inform the community of news and events. And today I blogged. I typed information for the community about news and events.

There’s an event coming up that will examine what I am doing this very second. Sure, I’m blogging. But am I reporting? Is this journalism? And does that mean anyone can be a journalist?

Well, here is the report:

Journalism in the Digital Age, a day-long symposium sponsored by RIT�s Department of Communication, will take place Monday, Dec. 5, in the Student Alumni Union. The event examines how traditional methods for reporting, writing, photographing, filing, editing and publishing news are being revamped in response to the digital revolution.

J. Ford Huffman, editor of USA Today, will speak as just one of the national experts on mass media and the digital age. The event also features Michael Kane, president and publisher of the Democrat and Chronicle; and Chuck Samuels, news director at WHAM-TV (Channel 13).

Journalism in the Digital Age is free and open to the public. For more information, including an event schedule, and to register online, visit

  1. Bob Finnerty
    Dec 09

    Is blogging journalism? Hmmm, I am all over the map on this one.

    Blogging certainly creates a discussion within the community. This is good. But is it journalism and news?

    Good, professional journalism has checks and balances built within it. A reporter goes out and finds a story. He/She writes a report, but before it is published it goes through the editing process. A code of ethics is adhered to. It's not as if a reporter can write and report whatever they want and it gets published.

    So perhaps blogging isn't journalism, per se. But it is a form of information gathering, etc. Bloggers certainly add another voice and can be a powerful lobby group. It will certainly make journalism better.

    I look forward to the symposium.

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