August 2, 2014
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Journey across America—Part IV Guest blogger

Our guest blogger, Bike and Builder Breanna Dobbe, checks in with her latest entry. This blog was originally written July 5, but email difficulties prevented me from getting it posted until now. Stay tuned for another update later in the week:

In the last three days alone we’ve ridden at least 300 miles. Yesterday I hit 103 (granted I did the last half a mile doing circles in the parking lot to hit a solid number—but that’s ok). This morning, when we all found out that we were only doing 54 miles we were ecstatic. It’s funny to think that on the very first day of riding 65 miles we had such a hard time (me at least), and now we jump for joy for any day close to that mileage. It’s really amazing to be able to see and feel such great results in such a short amount of time. It will definitely be interesting to see how we are at the end of the summer, if two weeks bears these results.

Today we are staying in Natchitoches, La. (pronounced Na-ki-tish) and it’s a very cute place. There is a Christian concert downstairs from where we are staying that I think a few of us might go to. Our 4th of July was the longest day we’ve had yet, so needless to say all of us ate dinner and pretty much went straight to bed. I showed my spirit, however, with some bright red biking spandex my grandparents bought for me.

Tomorrow is another relatively short ride—about 65 miles into Mansfield/Milton, La. In the next two days we’ll be leaving Louisiana and it will be another day to see how far we’ve really come.


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