July 30, 2014
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Pictometry and RIT News hits

As I was browsing RIT’s blog hits on technorati.com, I came across this post by Ben Rand, blogging for the Democrat & Chronicle.

He says, in part:

The hot Henrietta company known as Pictometry International has officially joined the escalating “map” wars being waged by the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Pictometry’s patented technology for capturing high-resolution aerial digital imagery is a significant aspect of Microsoft’s new Windows Live Local service.

Pictometry, based on technology originally envisioned at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is getting great ink over the service.

What’s cool about this isn’t just that Steve Schultz who co-founded the company is an RIT alumni. He’s also a friend of mine and it’s really good to see people you know and like succeed in life. Plus he keeps close ties with RIT, even helping out with student projects in imaging science.

Given the huge popularity and addition of mapping applications like Google Earth, this sounds like a great thing for the company. Haven’t you spent hours on Google Earth, exploring the streets and neighborhoods you grew up in? (Barbados, where I spent a few formative years, was mostly a blur last time I checked, but I found my childhood home in England, or at least the lake it was nearby.)

  1. becca Nelson
    Dec 20

    That's so cool. First about the tie to RIT, second about the maps. I use them to tell how far I should run. In other words, I open google maps and highlight the route I took and it says, "3.4 miles". And then I think, "NO WAY! LIAR! it felt like 10!"

    However-every credible person I speak to says it's extremely accurate. And so I figure there must be something wrong with m---that is, my computer itself.

  2. Pete K
    Jan 19

    *claps for Chris Stanger & Pictometry

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