August 1, 2014
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Local is no longer local PR musings

With the growth of new media and the changing landscape of communication, news that was once confined to a single area or outlet can now literally be transmitted around the world in seconds. This transformation changes the impact of news coverage and can greatly enhance public relations and marketing efforts.

For example, the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester’s daily newspaper, recently ran a story on RIT’s Women in Engineering program, also known as WE@RIT, highlighting an engineering camp the program hosted for grade school girls. The story ran on the front page of the local section and generated substantial regional notice. However, the good publicity did not end there. The story was picked up by the American Society for Engineering Education and ran in First Bell, a national newsletter for the engineering and technology education community sponsored by the society and U.S. News & World Report. The enhanced press both expanded the number of people who saw the story while also increasing knowledge of RIT’s program among engineering educators, a key target audience for WE@RIT.

This example just goes to show that there really is no such thing as local anymore. Thanks to the Internet all press is national, something I will definitely bring up at my next performance review!


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