August 27, 2014
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Unity House is students’ home-away-from-home Campus life, PR musings, Students

RIT is home to 18,000 students—literally home to many of them who reside on campus in residence halls, apartments, fraternities, sororities and special-interest houses. They make RIT their home-away-from-home, albeit temporarily, but home it becomes.

I was thinking about that the other day after meeting one of those students, Wilson Darko, the new president of Unity House, the residence/affinity group that focuses on the academic, cultural, personal and social needs of its members. We’ll work together this year to promote events and members of Unity House.

The group’s motto is “One House, One Family, One Love.” This comes through in a video they put together about what Unity House means to them and how much a place a student can call his or her own is needed.

Each person in the video talks about connecting with other students, having lasting friendships, challenging each other every now and then, having someone to lean on and living in a community where you can learn about each other, too. Unity House is only one of many “homes” on campus that the students make, and it reminded me that news always, always has a personal side.

I have to admit the best part of my job is meeting all sorts of people and hearing their stories. When University News covers campus events, faculty research, staff and student achievements, we write the traditional who, what, where, when and why, add quotes and some color for a compelling story. Here’s Unity House’s story:



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