July 23, 2014
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Where do we go from here? Miscellaneous

For two weeks this spring, University News conducted a survey in which we asked respondents for their preferences about RIT news content and its format, length and frequency. Specific questions concerned News & Events (RIT’s “newspaper of record”), the University News home page, the Dateline: RIT “e-newsletter,” RIT news podcasts and The Tiger Beat Blog.

The survey closed last Sunday night. For the past few days I’ve been poring over results and preparing a summary for my University News colleagues. Today, our motley crew gathers for a retreat, of sorts, during which survey results and future direction for University News will be discussed. Everything is on the table, we’re told.

I’ll present results with this disclaimer:

Because the population surveyed was uncontrolled and the sample was non-representative—meaning results represent the current opinions of the nearly 600 survey takers only—we must use them with care and proceed with caution.

Although this blog isn’t an appropriate forum to share detailed results, here’s a summary of some findings to be discussed today:

• RIT Message Center is the most popular source among respondents for learning about RIT news.

• The print edition of News & Events is read by roughly twice as many respondents as the online version; most respondents read “multiple articles, but not every article” (perhaps the survey’s least surprising result); respondents are generally satisfied with the balance of N&E content type; nearly identical percentages of respondents would prefer receiving N&E as e-mail and hard-copy editions; and majorities of respondents have a preference for receiving N&E twice monthly (followed by monthly and weekly) and would seek out and read Web-only content that interests them.

• The Dateline: RIT e-newsletter and RIT news podcasts face the challenge of a lack of awareness among some respondents. Despite this, the Dateline: RIT e-newsletter was cited as a news source and a primary news source more frequently than the University News home page.

If you completed our survey, thanks for sharing your opinions! If you entered your name in the drawing for one of 10 Barnes & Noble gift card, the lucky respondents, chosen at random, will be contacted soon by Vienna.

Lastly, our sincere thanks go to Professor Bruce Austin, chair of RIT’s Department of Communication, for his generous assistance and guidance with our survey.

Have a great weekend!


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