July 25, 2014
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What do we do? PR musings

If you’ve ever wondered what University News Services does, take a peek…

Whenever news-worthy events happen at RIT, whether it was the announcement of our men’s hockey team moving to Division I or a nanotechnology grant, press releases are written by the University News staff. Once these releases are sent to media outlets, RIT is then featured on television, in newspapers and online, which essentially acts as free advertising for RIT. In just the past two years alone, RIT has received approximately 16,000 placements in varying media locations, both locally and nationally.

What does this mean for the RIT community?

News placements mean that we’re receiving recognition for the outstanding education and professional training RIT takes such great pride in. This recognition pleases those who contribute funds because it shows that their donations are not going to waste. In addition, news placements also act as the impetus for new sources of funding so that we may continue to construct state-of-the-art buildings and offer nationally ranked academic programs.

So, next time you read a story from the ‘RIT in the News’ section of the University News Services webpage, just remember that the story began with a press release written at University News Services and may result in the ability to further fund academic programs, asthetic improvements on campus or your favorite athletic team.

  1. The Tiger Beat
    Apr 28

    More on who we are and what we do

    In follow-up to Brandon’s recent post, What do we do?, I thought it would be beneficial as a PR tip to expand on his answer by explaining more about who we are and what we do in University News Services....

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